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An immersive, high-tech showcase of Europe’s digital future.

As Europe’s largest pan-European technology communications company we enable a strong, resilient and united Europe.

Vodafone’s pan-European high-speed connectivity, digital services and digital platforms are helping achieve the EU's digital transformation. Our activities support the core objectives of the European Commission’s Digital Compass, Industrial Strategy and the economic recovery programmes, enabling businesses to innovate and transforming public services so as to create a more competitive, inclusive and greener future for Europe.

Together we can realise a Digital Decade for Europe – so let’s get Europe connected.

This immersive, 5G-enabled showcase of Europe’s digital future focuses on the benefits cutting-edge digital solutions are bringing to industry, rural areas, public services and SMEs and demonstrates how Vodafone enables a connected Europe.

This event was powered by our 5G RedBox or campus network.

Vodafone will collect and safely recycle one end-of-life device from a country that lacks electronic waste collection programs. That waste reduction makes your device 'waste-neutral'. Learn more about Closing the Loop.


Progress towards the EU’s Digital Decade ambition

The European Union’s (EU) Digital Decade, which sets key targets on different digital areas until 2030, is the EU’s vision for Europe’s digital transformation and a critical element in Europe maintaining its global competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

Yet the proportion of businesses using cloud technology, in particular, must significantly increase in order to meet the European Commission’s Digital Decade 2030 goal.

In this report, produced by Deloitte and commissioned by Vodafone, four key policy enablers are set out that could help enable the EU to realise its European Digital Decade goals.

Deloitte report

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