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Vodafone Autonomous Procurement Platform

We are proud to launch, Vodafone’s Autonomous Procurement Platform.

Vodafone’s purpose is to build a sustainable digital society that is inclusive for all; where technology and connectivity are enhancing the future and improving people’s lives. Vodafone's Autonomous Procurement Platform, will provide a secure, connected and a smart digital procurement experience to serve this purpose. With this new platform, we aim to revolutionise the way our Suppliers and Partners interact and sell to us to help us achieve our ‘Tech 2025’ vision and become a new- generation connectivity provider.

Designed and built in-house, the platform was launched in July 2021 to digitise, autonomise and simplify procurement for both Vodafone and our suppliers. Using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the platform helps Vodafone to autonomously connect to new and existing suppliers, make smart decisions and seize business opportunities faster than ever- all with minimal effort. Over the coming months and years, Vodafone will continue to invest in and lead the transformation of the Digital Supply Chain domain by delivering a fully integrated and a scalable solution with end-user experience at the heart of our design.

Live across our four main categories: Networks, IT & Enterprise, Corporate Services, and Marketing; the Vodafone autonomous Procurement Platform will continue to grow across markets, categories and our supplier base to become a key contributor to both of Vodafone’s mission to improving one billion lives and halving our environmental impact by 2025.

Ninian Wilson

Ninian Wilson
Global Supply Chain Director
of Vodafone Group & CEO of
Vodafone Procurement Company

For our Suppliers

We want Vodafone's Autonomous Procurement Platform to earn your loyalty by providing you with the best-in-class digital experience. True to the Vodafone Spirit, we are thinking big, starting small and learning fast as we continuously build and scale this platform based on our end-user feedback. Today, the platform is available in a selected number of Vodafone Markets and Categories and can be accessed on an invite-only basis. If you are already a Vodafone partner, get in touch with your usual Vodafone SCM contact about joining.

Key features

As a trusted Vodafone Supplier or Partner, you can use Vodafone's Autonomous Procurement Platform to receive, and respond to Business opportunities from Vodafone such as:

  • Direct Sourcing Requests
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Manage Confidentiality Agreements
  • Submit your company’s geographical availability and services/capabilities

My data

Manage the data we hold of your company


Access your RFPs

My documents

Submit & Manage your Documents

My contracts

Access your Contracts with Vodafone (Coming Soon)

Cyber Profile

Manage your cyber security profile


Access is by invite only.

Contact Us

Visit our Suppliers page to learn more about working with Vodafone.

For support on issues related to the Vodafone Autonomous Procurement Platform, please email us at: