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Fair Pay at Vodafone

At Vodafone, our Fair Pay Principles govern our approach to Reward across our business. We apply these 6 principles to every employee regardless of level, location, or role.


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Vodafone’s Fair Pay Principles

At Vodafone, our commitment to Fair Pay is consistent with our purpose to enable an inclusive and sustainable digital society, our culture and our desire to support, motivate, and engage our colleagues around the world.

We undertake an annual review against our Fair Pay Principles across all our markets. After local analysis, a meeting is held with each local HR team to:

  • discuss their position and progress against previously agreed areas of focus and;
  • to agree an action plan where appropriate.


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Market competitive

The pay of our people is reflective of their skills, role and function, and the external market. We annually review the pay of each employee and actively manage any who fall below the market competitive range.


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Free from discrimination

Our pay should not be affected by gender, age, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, cultural heritage or belief.

We annually compare the average position of our men and women against their market benchmark, grade and function to identify and understand any differences, and take action if necessary.


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Provide a good standard of living

We work with the independent organisation, WageIndicator, to assess how our pay compares to the “living wage” in each of our markets because we are committed to providing a good standard of living for our people and their families.


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Share in our successes

All our people should have the opportunity to share in our success by being eligible to receive some form of performance related pay, e.g. a bonus, shares or sales incentive.


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Provide benefits for all

Our global standard is to offer all our people life insurance, parental leave and access to either Company or State provided healthcare and pension provision.


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Open and transparent

We ensure that our people understand their pay. We do this through a series of user-friendly guides, webpages and an annual Reward Statement, which help explain our peoples’ pay and outline the value of their core reward package. In addition, they also receive monthly or weekly payslips and a payment schedule.

An exportable document outlining our principles can also be found here