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Workplace equality

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We are passionate about making the world more connected, inclusive and sustainable, and committed to creating a place where everyone can truly be themselves and belong.

The way we see it, the best innovations happen when diverse people with different perspectives collaborate. In fact, it’s only when we harness the power of the different perspectives around us that we progress as an organisation; challenging the way we do things, and doing them better – not just for our customers, but our people and communities too. That’s why we’re building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Wellbeing & Mental Health

We recognise the importance of wellbeing to ensuring our colleagues can thrive. Our wellbeing programme encompasses physical and mental wellness, with a variety of training and services available in each of our markets. We continue to grow our employee assistance programmes and psychological support services. Many of our markets now have Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Mental Health champions or the local market equivalent.

Our mental health toolkit promotes understanding of mental health and supports anyone going through challenges or those helping a colleague, family member or friend, complemented by a series of global support sessions across the year.

Our annual Global Wellbeing Week and Global Fitness Challenge help maintain conversation and awareness across the year. And we continuously promote our support networks, including Lifecyle (menopause and hormonal changes), parents and carers, and WeCan (cancer) networks.


Gender equality

At Vodafone, we are committed to Inclusion for All and creating a workplace where women can thrive in their careers throughout Vodafone. To get there, we’re working closely with teams across the business to listen about what matters and make real changes. Click here to find out more about our work on tackling gender inequality, including our global menopause research and support, and our global parental leave policy which offers 16 weeks of fully paid leave.


We are explicit in our belief that every person has the right to be authentic in their sexual orientation and gender identity. We embed LGBT+ inclusion into our policies and processes, ensuring that the lived experience and needs of the community are reflected in all we do. It’s important to us as an organisation that we show up collectively for events like Pride and Spirit Day, for which we paint our brand purple every year to take a stand against LGBT+ based bullying. Our LGBT+ network helps us build empathy and understanding across our community and we equip our people with training on how to be an ally to the LGBT+ community.

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At Vodafone, we know the value that people with disabilities add to our organisation, and we work hard to ensure all of buildings, our systems, and ways of working are designed with accessibility at the centre of them, so that our disabled colleagues can fully participate. Our disABILITY network provides a platform to learn and understand the lived experience of our disabled colleagues, helping break down the myths and helping people understand the full range of disabilities and lived experience. We recognise our role in our communities too; we have embedded mandatory accessibility standards into our procurement process so that our products are constantly widening accessibility, our retail employees can access sign language training – and we’ve even used our technology capabilities to help a paralysed person walk again. We are proud members of the Valuable 500, publicly committing to ensuring disability Inclusion in our business.


Race, ethnicity & cultural heritage

Whether it’s at work or in the community, we’re striving to create a place where people from different backgrounds, race, ethnicity and cultural heritage can thrive. The more we can do together, the more of an impact we can make. We understand how complex racial inequality is, and are equipping our colleagues to critically self-reflect, have impactful conversations together and collectively drive change. We focus on building awareness and allyship, addressing barriers to thriving, inclusive recruitment and partnerships to scale impact.


#ChangeTheFace Alliance

As part of our commitment to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce, and driving change across the sector, Vodafone became a proud founding member of the #ChangeTheFace Alliance. The #ChangeTheFace Alliance is a network of members from across the technology industry committed to accelerating diversity and inclusion across the sector through best practice sharing, through leadership and advocacy.

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