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Vodafone Pass partner portal

Welcome to the Vodafone Pass partner portal where developers and owners of apps and digital content services can learn about Vodafone Pass and how your company can be a part of it.

At Vodafone we want our customers to feel completely at ease to enjoy what they love most anywhere, anytime on our Gigabit networks. Vodafone Pass is a great way for our customers to enjoy their passions without worrying about bits and bytes.

If you are a developer or owner of a digital service and would like to know more about Vodafone Pass then explore this partner portal and contact us below. 

What is Vodafone Pass?

With Vodafone Pass our customers can enjoy what they love without worrying about Gigabyte volumes, overage charges or restrictions. Join Vodafone Pass as a Partner to be a part of this revolutionary way for customers to use and enjoy even more of your app or service on our 4G and 5G networks.

Say goodbye to bits and bytes

With Vodafone Pass Vodafone customers pay a simple and straightforward flat fee to enjoy their passions as much as they want 1 whether that’s chatting to friends, listening to music, always on in social or streaming entertainment on the go. No more worries about keeping track of gigabytes. Customers will be able to choose a Pass or several Passes and enjoy them fully and still have data left over for everything else.

No need to count GIGAs anymore!

For almost anything our customers are into, Vodafone has the right Pass for them to enjoy it - provided by a wide variety of partners. Partner with one of the world’s fastest growing networks to bring this opportunity to your customers too.

Vodafone Passes

For now we have four Passes for Service Partners to join. We have structured the Passes in such a way as to cover the majority of what our customers love to do on our network:

Chat and Communication

Apps and services that have as their main purpose text messaging and/or voice calling and/or video calling


Apps and services that have as their main purpose the sharing of events of daily life with friends, family, and colleagues via a public or private profile


Apps and services that have as their main purpose video streaming


Apps and services that have as their main purpose music streaming

How it works

We need a way to identify your app or service

Vodafone needs to be able to identify your service on our network so that we can classify customer usage of your application or service into one of the Passes. We do this based on the parameters of how your service is delivered (referred to as Technical Information). This can be as simple as identifying the domain used for your service (e.g., or the IP addresses of the servers that deliver your service (e.g. The important point is that whatever parameters are used need to allow your service to be uniquely identified. Note that we don’t need to know anything about what your customers are actually sending or receiving while using your service, we only need to identify the specific packets of data that belong to your service so we can assign them to the correct service Pass.

Keep us up to date on changes to your app or service

Once we have this Technical Information we’ll work with you to ensure we can use it to accurately identify your service. As well as getting this right at the start, it is just as important that we continue to work together so that any future changes to your Technical Information can be incorporated, so customers continue to enjoy the best service possible.


If video streaming is part of your service it may be optimised so that everyone has the best possible experience on a mobile device. Issues such as buffering or a break in service, due to how the protocols involved work when video is delivered over mobile networks, will be addressed by applying these optimisation techniques. If you already have the capability to apply this optimisation yourself, then we can work with you to integrate with our systems so you can know which video sessions need optimisation to be applied.

Becoming a Service Partner

It’s easy and there is no charge.

Vodafone Pass is open to any app or service provider who wants to join as a partner. Our only conditions are that you must fall within the Pass category definitions set out here and you must be able to provide us with the technical information we need to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

There is no fee for any content provider to join a Pass.

We have a transparent and simple six step process to join set out below.

Once you have joined as a service partner we will only include your logo in marketing materials if you agree.

Vodafone will not offer any preferential treatment to our own services if they are included in a Pass.

Six steps to become a Service Partner
  1. Contact us by sending an email to ;
  2. Accept the non disclosure agreement that we send to you;
  3. Provide technical information;
  4. Complete the on-boarding agreement;
  5. Complete the technical integration form; and
  6. Provide a licence for use of your marks.

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