SMEs are the beating heart of the EU’s economy, employing 95 million people (almost 85% of all new jobs each year) across 25 million enterprises, contributing €4 trillion to the EU economy.

But to compete globally and be more resilient, they need access to digital opportunities of the future - more than 1.2m European businesses with less than 250 employees are not yet digitalised.

Investment in SME digitalisation leads to improved financial performance, increased productivity, access to new customers and innovation. As a result, 94% of SMEs would better cope with future risks.

To deliver successful SME digitalisation programmes, governments should consider:

  • Co-creation between governments, telecommunications operators and SMEs
  • Broad solutions that are fit for purpose
  • Working with world class partners
  • Ensuring universal adoption of high speed connectivity
  • Additional support, such as training, business advice, applying for funding
  • Creating simple distribution mechanisms, such as vouchers

Through its free V-hub digital services and pioneering IoT platform, Vodafone continues to prove itself to be a global leader in SME connectivity and digitalisation. We already support 3.65 million SMEs in Europe through their digital journeys.