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Supporting communities

We support communities, especially those in need, leaving no-one behind.

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Promoting diversity and inclusion

The way we see it, the best innovations happen when diverse people with different perspectives collaborate. In fact, it’s only when we harness the power of different points of view around us that we progress as an organisation–challenging the way we do things and then doing them better – not just for our employees, but for our customers and communities too.


What we are doing

We are committed to driving parity in our own workforce and aim to have 40% women in management roles by 2030, and at end of FY24 had achieved 35%.

We have policies in place around menopause, domestic abuse and parental leave that support gender parity.

Our determination to drive equality extends to our supply chain, with all suppliers are assessed and scored on their approach to diversity and inclusion. Creating relevant services for women is also a key strategy to bring more women online.

Through connectivity, we seek to support positive outcomes for women in education, employment, health, safety and economic empowerment.

Our Mum & Baby service continues to grow across Africa, using mobile phones to help bridge the gap and give customers free access to maternal, neonatal and child health information.

Recognising that we will only achieve real change through partnerships, we also work with peers and partners including UN Women and ChangeTheFace, to advocate for equality in our industry and beyond.

Vodafone Foundation

Supporting those most in need

At Vodafone Foundation, we’re using technology to help address some of the world’s most pressing problems; reducing maternal mortality, supporting those affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crime, closing the education gap and improving emergency response.


What we are doing

Education & Digital Skills:

  • Empowering young and old with digital skills: Through Skills Upload and Hi Digital, we are working in partnership with communities, educators, NGOs and governments across 14 European markets to support primary and secondary school pupils, and adults not in education, employment or training and the over 65s to be confident online with the digital capabilities and tools to reach their potential.

  • Connecting refugee learners to quality education: Through Instant Network Schools, we’re working in partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency to connect refugee and host community students to a quality digital education in six African countries. Our aim is to reach 500,000 students by 2025.


Improving Emergency Response:

  • Instant Network deploys employee volunteers and technologies to restore and provide free communications and technical support to aid agencies, survivors and refugees in natural and humanitarian emergencies.
  • NG-SOS connects 4m people in four countries to the emergency services, using location tracking to accelerate how quickly they are found, saving more lives.
  • m-mama provides 24/7 emergency transport for mothers and new-borns in Tanzania and Lesotho, enabling them to access life-saving healthcare. To date, m-mama has reduced maternal mortality in live regions by 38%.


Action against Abuse:

  • Apps: We use app technology to connect over 2.6 million people affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crime with advice, support and education. Initiatives include Bright Sky that provides people in 13 markets to support and information on how to respond to domestic abuse, Zoteria, which creates a safer world for LGBTQ+ people, and Tozi, to tackle cyber-bullying.

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We aim to have 40% women in management roles by 2030 in Europe and Africa.


Contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are a blueprint for human progress and a clear call to action for businesses to contribute to a better future.

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