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Privacy centre

Customers trust us with their privacy and maintaining this trust is at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to create a culture of privacy at Vodafone, and our Privacy Commitments set out the principles that govern our approach. Watch our video summarising how Vodafone processes our customers’ data.

Vodafone's privacy policy

How Vodafone collects, uses and shares personal information when you visit

Customer privacy

Protecting our customers’ data and respecting their privacy is one of our highest priorities

Managing privacy risks effectively and putting customers in control of their data is core to our approach. Our privacy policies and framework govern how we collect, use and manage our customers’ information in order to ensure we respect the confidentiality of their personal communications and any choices that they have made regarding the use of their data. Our commitment to our customers’ privacy goes beyond legal compliance and is focused on building a culture that respects privacy in order to justify the trust that people place in us. It includes:

Openness and honesty

We communicate clearly any actions we take that could affect our customers’ privacy.


When we are required to balance the right to privacy against other obligations necessary to a free and secure society, we work to minimise privacy impacts.

Choice and access

We give people the ability to make simple and meaningful choices about their privacy and allow them – where appropriate – to access, update or delete their personal data.

Fairness and lawfulness

We comply with privacy laws and act with integrity and fairness. We work with governments, regulators and others to shape better, more meaningful privacy laws and standards.

Privacy by design

Respect for privacy is a key component in the design, development and delivery of our products and services.


We are accountable for living up to these commitments throughout Vodafone and with our partners and suppliers.

If you have any questions about our privacy statement get in touch with us