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Connecting people to financial services

Financial access enables day-to-day life, improves productivity, and coping with unexpected difficulties.

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Financial inclusion is essential to reducing extreme poverty and delivering significant social benefits and economic opportunities.

Globally, 1.7 billion adults do not have a bank account, but among them, an estimated 1.1 billion have a mobile phone. Digital services are key to helping people access safe, secure financial services.

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We aim to connect 75 million customers to mobile money and financial inclusion services by 31 March 2026

Our platforms for financial inclusion

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In 2007, in partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development, we launched a new innovative service for the unbanked in Kenya.

M-Pesa, M – for mobile, and Pesa – the Swahili word for cash was a novel concept that converts physical cash into e-money. By following simple instructions on their phones, customers can make payments securely using a simple handset and on 2G networks.

M-Pesa has grown to over 56 million customers supported by half a million M-Pesa agents across seven African countries.

It is Africa’s largest and most advanced fintech platform with over 33 billion transactions amounting to more than €351 million were made in the year using M-Pesa, the equivalent of around 4 million per hour on average through a network of more than 617,000 agents.

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Vodafone Cash

In Egypt, Vodafone Cash is a comprehensive e-wallet and financial services platform catering to the needs of the unbanked—two-thirds of the Egyptian population.

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In addition, some markets benefit from insurance offerings. In South Africa, through VodaPay, customers can access payment products and services, lending, and insurance.

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