3. Rural Connectivity

15% of Europe’s population lives in rural areas. Many of the social and economic inequalities faced by these rural communities can be improved though better access to high-speed connectivity.

Delivering high speed connectivity to 99% of rural areas could increase GDP by €192bn, and create 340,000 new jobs, over the next decade.

Our MyFarmWeb precision agriculture cloud-based platform allows farmers to access, store and visualise their data from IoT sensors in one single dashboard. This helps them make better informed decisions on irrigation, planting, spraying and harvesting.

Irish milk producing co-operative Dairygold is using Vodafone’s cloud based MyFarmWeb platform to meet the challenge of climate change and increase profitability. Using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and predictive analysis, the platform captures and interprets farm data like fuel use, feed consumption and soil conditions in real time.

Dairygold hopes that the insights gained will help the co-op reduce the carbon footprint of its milk supply chain by 40% by 2030.

GigaBee Protect solution enables beekeepers to receive a direct message in case a beehive falls or gets stolen contributing to reducing the colony loss rates.