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Sustainability reports

We are committed to ensuring that Vodafone operates responsibly and ethically wherever we operate, supported by our corporate transparency programme.

On this page you’ll find all our report downloads and links to our transparency disclosures.

Annual Report 2021 and ESG Addendum

Annual report 2021

Our 2021 Annual Report provides more detailed information, including on our Sustainable Business governance processes, the scope and methodology of our reporting, alignment to GRI Standards and UNGC Communication on Progress.

Our ESG Addendum 2021 provides more detailed information, including on our Sustainable Business governance processes, the scope and methodology of our reporting, alignment to GRI Standards and UNGC Communication on Progress.

Vodafone Group CDP response 2020

Sustainability performance

4G population coverage (outdoor 1Mbps) – Europe

TCFD Report

TCFD Report 2021

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report 2021

We recognise that climate change poses a number of physical and transition-related risks and opportunities for our business. As part of our commitment to operate ethically and sustainably, we are dedicated to understanding climate-related risks and opportunities and embedding responses to these into our business strategy and operations. Information on our work to date on climate-related risks and opportunities, as well as further plans as we continue the TCFD programme can be found in our first standalone TCFD report.

Vodafone Green Bond

Green Bond Framework

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Vodafone Group Plc has designed a Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Framework under which Vodafone can issue green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked funding instruments to finance or refinance projects enabling the company to meet its environmental and/or social objectives. The latest Framework, published in September 2021, sets out what projects are eligible under the use of proceeds, the process for project evaluation and selection, the management of proceeds, and reporting.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

UK Modern Slavery Act (2015)

We are committed to taking appropriate steps to ensure that everyone who works for Vodafone – in any capacity, anywhere in the world – benefits from a working environment in which their fundamental rights and freedoms are respected. In our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, we report on our efforts to prevent modern slavery in line with the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015).

Conflict Minerals Report

Conflict Minerals Report 2020

The Conflict Minerals Reports are presented by Vodafone Group Plc in accordance with Rule 13p-1 (the ‘Rule’) under the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the ‘Exchange Act’).

The Rule applies to companies required to file reports with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (‘SEC’) under Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act if any of the products they manufacture or contract to manufacture contain conflict minerals necessary to the functionality or production of the product.

As defined by the content requirements of SEC Form SD, ‘Conflict Minerals’ include columbite-tantalite (‘coltan’), cassiterite, wolframite and/or gold or their derivatives, which are limited to tantalum, tin and tungsten (each a ‘3TG metal’).

Please refer to the requirements of SEC Form SD for definitions of many of the terms used in this report, including ‘Covered Countries’ (Democratic Republic of Congo (‘DRC’) or an adjoining country).

Government assistance demands reporting

Government Assistance Disclosure

Our disclosures on matters regarding digital human rights include information on our policies and principles related to government access to customer data, as well as our principles on freedom of expression and insights into the issues surrounding network censorship and the digital rights of the child.

Research reports

Our research enables us to understand the challenges that face our customers and society, as well as identifying the opportunities for mobile to help to address them. Read our research reports on topics including women, agriculture, work and the environment.