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Working with Vodafone

Vodafone buys products and services across all our markets. We work closely with our suppliers to provide innovative solutions in a sustainable and ethical environment.

Procurement with Purpose

Procurement with Purpose

Our suppliers guide to Purpose outlines our strategy and ambitions and how our partners can support our journey.  

Supplier Ethics

Supplier Ethics

Our Code of Ethical Purchasing (CEP) sets out the standards we expect of suppliers.

Vodafone Autonomous Procurement Platform

Vodafone Autonomous Procurement Platform

Vodafone’s purpose is to build a sustainable digital society that is inclusive for all; where technology and connectivity are enhancing the future and improving people’s lives.

Vodafone Procurement Company

Vodafone Procurement Company

Our vision is to create the future of procurement with digital and pioneering practices, connected to experts worldwide.

Vodafone Pass partner portal

Vodafone Pass partner portal

Vodafone Pass is a great way for our customers to enjoy their passions without worrying about bits and bytes.

Policies and requirements

Policies and requirements

Learn more and download resources about our policies and requirements here.

Vodafone Business Product & Services IoT E2E Solutions

Vodafone Business Product & Services IoT E2E Solutions

Vodafone Business IoT E2E Solutions to cover all the important aspects and guide you through all the necessary steps.

Resources for suppliers

The relationships we have with our suppliers are critical to the success of our business. How we engage and collaborate with our partners is governed by our Supplier Management programme - one of the key ways in which we build strong relationships, creating greater value, increasing innovation and improving efficiency.

From initial engagement with a supplier through to ongoing compliance and performance management, our approach to Supplier Management contains a variety of processes spanning multiple disciplines. 

All of our suppliers are required to complete our detailed qualification process to guarantee that they meet our business requirements and expectations, including complying with the Vodafone policies and requirements defined in the Vodafone Code of Conduct.

Once a supplier has been welcomed into the Vodafone Supply Chain, we continually work with them to identify and deliver world class performance through collaboration and prioritisation by defining clear expectations.

Our suppliers are continually evaluated by a series of assessments across our local markets and group functions.  We evaluate suppliers against nine core performance pillars to underpin our goal of supplier performance excellence.

Even with all the focus on continuous improvement, we don't lose our focus on risk management. Through our general risk assessments and supplier self-assessments we identify high-risk suppliers who are then scheduled for a more detailed audit and follow up. We also require suppliers to reaffirm their commitment to complying with the Vodafone policies and requirements, as defined in the Vodafone Code of Conduct, every two years.

We are pleased to announce our plan to transform Vodafone’s sourcing and purchasing processes by upgrading our technology to Ariba, a leader in cloud procurement applications.

Our goal is to maximize procurement efficiency by using the Ariba® Network to collaborate on sourcing events and to send purchase orders.

We believe that this transformation will simplify our collaboration and improve our strategic relationship with our suppliers.  Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Transactions with Vodafone* over the Ariba® Network will be at no cost to our suppliers
  • Suppliers control their company’s information
  • Self-Service data maintenance
  • Choices on how suppliers receive PO’s
  • Email
  • Online
  • System to System connection
  • Collaboration through Business to Business Hub
  • Reporting and dashboard functionality
  • Increased visibility to information

*Additional transactions on the Ariba® Network may be subject to a fee.

Once you become a Vodafone supplier, we’ll work with you to determine which configuration will best suit your business needs


We require everyone working with us, from individuals to multinational companies, to be aware of and follow our approach and expectations on health, safety and wellbeing.

All employees, suppliers and contractors working for Vodafone must follow our eight Absolute Rules.

At Vodafone, we are committed to playing our part in building an inclusive digital society where no one is left behind. Unless digitisation is inclusive, it can widen existing inequalities in our societies. We want to make sure that everyone can benefit from technology, and as part of this we are committed to driving accessibility in everything that we do – from the products we create for our customers, to the software and services we procure for our people.  

It is important to us that our suppliers share our values around inclusion. For our digital services, we look to global industry standards, such as WCAG, as benchmarks for accessibility. As part of dealing with Vodafone, suppliers will be asked about their product compliance to accessibility standards. 


We’re deeply passionate about innovation and are always looking for game changing products. We’re searching for the products and services that will make a real and positive difference in the world, fulfilling the needs of our customers and making their lives easier.

From the moment the first mobile phone call in Britain was made over three decades ago, Vodafone has been in the business of innovation. Working together with suppliers we’re able to keep innovating and developing new solutions to improve the service we provide to our customers and the way we operate. We’re always searching for the next big idea to change the world and change people’s lives for the better.

We’re able to support businesses with great ideas to reach the scale that they deserve. Our market knowledge and global footprint give us the ability to promote their products and services to the largest possible audience.

Vodafone buys products and services across all our markets from all over the world.

We work closely with our suppliers to provide innovative solutions in a sustainable and ethical environment. All of our suppliers are required to complete our detailed qualification process to guarantee that they meet our business requirements and expectations.

We are committed to having a responsible and ethical supply chain and we want our suppliers and any other third parties to know and understand our expectations. The supplier policies describe the minimum standards that we expect of you in these key areas. 

All suppliers working with Vodafone must comply with the Vodafone policies and requirements these are defined in the Vodafone Code of Conduct.

We work with the best suppliers to provide world class solutions. To find these companies, our selection process focuses on key areas such as health & safety, quality, sustainability and compliance with our technical and security standards.

Find out more about working with Vodafone

If you’d like to find out more about working with Vodafone, please get in touch by filling in the Contact us form below. If there is an interest in your products or services, one of our Procurement Professionals will be in touch.


Our supply chain team is responsible for purchasing products and services from across the globe to help run our business at its very best.

Since our inception, Supply Chain has been on a journey to become recognised as a global leader in everything we do. Operating along the entire value chain, we are regularly recognised for our high performance and delivery excellence.

To maintain this world class function, we’ve set up a landscape of advanced tools and robust processes to smoothly facilitate the interaction with our suppliers.  These electronic solutions make working with us faster, more secure and simpler than ever. Here is a selection of the tools we use:

  • eSourcing for Request for Information (quotes) and Auctions
  • eSignature for signing of contracts
  • eInvoicing for invoice submission
  • Business to Business Hub for exchange of PO’s
  • System to System Connections
  • Supply Chain Financing for early receipt of payment

The use of electronic solutions eliminate or reduce the need for paper, without diminishing the trail or integrity of information. The tools increase the speed of transacting whilst also increasing accuracy.  

Once you become a Vodafone supplier, we’ll work with you to determine which tools best suit your business needs.


Customer’s satisfaction and safety has the utmost priority at Vodafone. We want to delight customers with reliable and high-quality devices that work best on the Vodafone network, and with our applications and services.

Every model we launch must fulfil specific Vodafone Product Acceptance Criteria. These criteria depend on the type of the product, but always consists of:

  • A set of key Legislative and Industry Standards
  • Vodafone specific, Safety and Policy related criteria
  • Vodafone specific requirements for Features, Services and Applications

Suppliers that work with Vodafone need to fulfil these. The below extract provides potential suppliers an overview of these acceptance criteria; for more information please contact

Legislative and Industry Standards for Device Compliancy
  • Android
  • Battery
  • Bluetooth
  • Charger and power supply efficiency
  • DoC – Declaration of Conformity
  • Electrical Safety
  • eSIM
  • FCC - Federal Communications Commission
  • GCF - Global Certification Forum
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
  • RE-D – Radio Equipment Directive
  • RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  • SAR - Specific Absorption Rate
  • TAC - Type Allocation Code
  • WEEE - Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Vodafone Quality & Safety Criteria for Device Compliancy
  • Acoustic Shock
  • Antenna
  • Release Notes
  • Safety manual
  • SAR - Specific Absorption Rate
  • Temperature
  • Type Acceptance
  • Vodafone Requirements
  • Vodafone Settings
  • Vodafone Tests

Vodafone Device Requirements for Feature, Services & Applications
  • Messaging, RCS/RBM
  • Location services
  • MyVodafone
  • Bearer Technology
  • Device Management
  • Local Connectivity
  • SIM/eSIM
  • Security

Learn more about Policies, Guidance and H&S Information for Suppliers of Vodafone UK.