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Digital skills and education

Building confidence and capabilities to thrive in a digital world


For students and teachers in primary and secondary education

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SkillsUpload Jr


For young people developing skills for the workplace

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Lifelong learning

For older people seeking digital skills

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About SkillsUpload Europe

In partnership with communities, educators, NGOs and governments, we run tailored programmes in 14 European countries that help anyone build their digital capabilities, know-how and confidence, regardless of their age, background or where they call home.

As the world’s progress towards a digital society accelerates, we believe that no-one should be excluded or left behind on the journey. In fact, we are determined to ensure everyone is able to both survive and  thrive in a technology-led world – from doing everyday things like booking a doctor’s appointment, buying groceries and catching up with friends and family, to choosing to pursue bigger life ambitions, such as starting a new business, working remotely or petitioning government for change.  

Our programmes aim to benefit the whole of society, but focus primarily on four sections where we believe the need is greatest: primary school children; secondary school pupils; adults not in education, employment or training; and older people. Crucially, each of the programmes is rooted in a deep understanding of the specific needs and circumstances of its local people and communities, covering everything from how to use certain technologies and devices, to abilities like critical-thinking and how to guard against online risks such as identity theft and fake news.

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16 millionlearners across Europe by 2025

Tailored digital programmes across 14 European countries

Supporting students and educators, young people not in employment and over-65s

SkillsUpload Jr

Empowering young makers to shape an inclusive and digital Europe

For the next generation to become builders of a diverse, digital and inclusive Europe, digital education must be available to all. ‘SkillsUpload Jr.’ is a Pan-European initiative launched to empower educators and students in the self-confident, creative and critical use of digital technologies. We rethink education by providing cutting-edge educational resources to make our education systems more equitable, innovative and resilient and enable young makers to actively shape the digital world around them. Working closely with local partners we ensure a sustainable approach along local needs while together creating a measurable impact on change across Europe.

SkillsUpload Jr

Research and publications

Youth study on digital education in Germany

Vodafone Germany Foundation published a survey on young people about their digital education in Germany. Around 70% of those entering the workforce do not feel fit for the digital world of work. Computer science is a regular school subject for only 54% of students surveyed. At the same time, 79% of all young people see digital skills as particularly important for the future.

Youth study on digital education in Germany

21st Century Teachers

How the societal and technological demands of the 21st Century are changing the way we learn and teach

teacher and student

A survey of teachers from 11 European countries reveals that a fifth of European teachers have little to no experience teaching with technology, while three-quarters believe government have unrealistic expectations towards digital teaching and support the idea of European education standards.

A report by OECD & Vodafone Germany Foundation

Less than 1 in 10 European students can successfully distinguish fact from opinions. As a result of the emerging digital learning gap, we’re at risk of an online ‘infodemic’ as students from disadvantaged backgrounds fall behind in digital literacy skills.


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