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Vodafone in the Americas

Vodafone Americas provides hundreds of customers in the US and around the world technology and telecommunication services such as mobile, fixed, and IoT connectivity, hardware, and platforms.

In the Americas region, which consists of the United States, Canada, and Latin America, Vodafone:

  • Works with hundreds of customers across retail, finance, logistics, telematics, the public sector, manufacturing, etc.
  • Is focused on delivering fixed, mobile and IoT solutions to multinational customers
  • Has more than 250 employees across three offices and remote workers throughout the country

We deliver and manage services in 23 languages and 200 countries from our state-of-the-art worldwide communications network. Multinational companies operating in the Americas can benefit from our full range of global capabilities, including: Fixed Connectivity, Unified Communications Solutions, Mobility, Cloud & Security services, and IoT – all under one contract and from one global supplier.

Vodafone Americas Foundation

Vodafone Americas Foundation™ is part of Vodafone’s global network of foundationsWe are affiliated with Vodafone, a leading technology communications company.

'Mobile for Good' is a universal theme throughout Vodafone’s Foundations worldwide. The Foundations mobilize communities by bringing people together from all sectors: business, nonprofit, government, employees and even our customer base, to resolve shared problems and advance social change.

In the Americas, we are focused on empowering women and girls through technology programs that tackle critical issues like girls’ education, women’s health, safety, a voice in society and economic equity and well-being.  We’ve partnered with organizations such as Technovation, a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls and families, and MIT Solve a technology challenge that helps us find the best innovation to create social impact.

Our offices in the Americas

New York, NY

1450 Broadway, Suite 11-106,
New York, NY 10018

Denver, CO

CO 1615 Platte Street,
Suite 02-115, Denver, CO 80202

San Mateo, CA

1825 S Grant St, Suite 03-135,
San Mateo, CA 94402

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