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Public policy

How Vodafone wants to contribute to society

At Vodafone, we connect for a better future. We recognise that we have a fundamental role to play in a digital society. Wherever we operate, we contribute to the wealth and development of countries, regions and local communities. As the leader of the “sector of sectors”, Vodafone sparks the development of digital services by others and propels other businesses to be successful in their own digital transformation. Connectivity is already transforming people’s lives. We are already connecting over 334 million people, and organisations of all sizes, to the digital society.

Vodafone in Europe

Vodafone has over 133+ million mobile customers and 25.5 million fixed customers across Europe, supported by our operations in 12 European countries.



Staying connected has never been more important, as people, businesses and government have all had to adapt to new ways of working and living.
Now is the time to think about how we build stronger, more resilient, greener societies, creating a future that is more inclusive, greener and fairer. Find out how we’re helping to use technology to deliver a Europe that works for everyone.

Key topics

A Gigabit Society for Europe

A Gigabit Society for Europe

With the help of independent experts, Vodafone has examined the issues at the heart of delivering a Gigabit Society for Europe.

Towards a more equal world

Towards a more equal world

Access to mobile internet presents revolutionary opportunities for addressing issues of inequality.

Public Policy Reports

Public Policy Reports

Vodafone regularly publishes studies and papers about the key public policy issues discussed at the European and global level. We would like to share them with you.


Thought leadership

Visit our publications centre to read our latest studies, positions papers and newsletters.

Policy positions

On spectrum policy, interoperability and infrastructure and competition.

Mobiles, masts and health

Vodafone has been developing and enhancing mobile technology since the very first call on our network.