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Vodafone public policy

Public Policy at Vodafone

At Vodafone, our public policy work enables a fairer, greener and more inclusive digital society.

We actively engage, collaborate and cooperate with governments, regulators, businesses, and policy-makers to deliver this.

Our policy activities enable people and communities, businesses and public services to innovate and digitalise to create a more inclusive and greener future.

We focus on four key areas:

Our key focus areas

Industry 4.0

Using technologies such as 5G and IoT will enable industry to revolutionise their operations and drive global industrial competition.


We help small businesses to overcome barriers to connectivity and digitalisation and help build a more resilient and competitive SME sector.


We are working with industry partners to boost high-speed connectivity in rural areas and reduce the urban/rural digital divide.

Digitalisation of Public Services

We are increasing access to core public services for the benefits of citizens and improving future societal resilience.

We believe that the potential power of connectivity is beyond imagination. If deployed effectively and fairly, connectivity can boost the economy, improve lives and build communities. And we know that, by working with our partners in governments and other organisations, Vodafone can make a real, positive difference to people’s everyday lives.

Joakim Reiter
Chief External and Corporate Affairs Officer

Our approach

From gigabit networks to achieving net-zero by 2040, our purpose shapes everything we do.

Our purpose – to connect for a better future by enabling inclusive and sustainable digital societies – serves as the framework for every thing we do at Vodafone, including all our policy initiatives. We promise that Together we can enable technology and innovation to help millions of people and their communities to stay connected.

However, we can’t achieve our goals for a sustainable, connected future alone.

By working with governments and partners, our policy team focuses on identifying and supporting lasting solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges and contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Delivery Goals.

Addressing the challenges

Our policy activities are committed to addressing the most pressing challenges facing the planet and society today. These include:

Helping rejuvenate economies, actively supporting job creation and turbocharging the green transition and decarbonisation
Cultivating a start-up culture where SMEs can prosper and grow in the digital age
Creating a safe, secure and trusted digital environment
Encouraging the spread of digital skills across the population

Future of Connectivity

Europe has a problem. The way we fund internet infrastructure upgrades is broken.

Industries and government must come together and find a way to fix it. 

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