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Apps Against Abuse

A portfolio of apps designed to enable more people to live a life free from abuse.

Everyone deserves to live a life free from abuse.

Asset - Everyone deserves to live a life free from abuse.

For over 10 years, Vodafone Foundation has used technology to connect over 2.6 million people affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crime to advice, support and education.

Domestic abuse is an epidemic affecting millions of people around the world, and one that takes many forms. From physical and sexual abuse, to controlling and coercive behaviour that isolates victims from their families, victims are often unaware they are being abused, or scared of seeking help.

Bright Sky

Available in:
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Bright Sky is a safe, easy to use app and website which provides support and information on how to respond to domestic abuse. Created in partnership with the UK-based crisis support charity Hestia, Aspirant and Thames Valley Partnership, Bright Sky is for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, or who is worried about someone else. Bright Sky helps you to spot the signs of abuse, know how to respond, and help someone find a safe route to support.

If you are concerned about domestic abuse, we know it can be hard to find support. That’s why Bright Sky was developed.

Download Bright Sky on the App Store and Google Play.

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Available in:

Zoteria has been designed to create a safer world for LGBTQ+ people by empowering them, connecting them with their community and helping them find the right support whenever they need it most.

Zoteria enables people to access vital and reliable support services, including LGBTQ+ advice, hate crime, housing, mental health and sexual health services.  It allows users to report incidents directly to LGBTQ+ support organisations in a confidential way, either for themselves, or on behalf of someone else.  The app provides information on LGBTQ+ events to help users stay connected with their community.  Zoteria is not linked to the police nor is it an emergency app.

Click here to download Zoteria now on the 
App Store and Google Play store.

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Tozi is a first-of-its-kind-app developed in collaboration with DCU and ISPCC Childline to tackle the growing online issue of cyberbullying. In many countries 1 in 3 children have been a victim of some form of cyberbullying in the last year alone.

Tozi provides kids with a space to help them feel good online. On the ‘Cosmos’, they can access content to learn how to look after themselves and their friends when online. They can use the ‘My Space’ to chill out, check-in, make plans and reflect. They can reach out directly to Childline for help, if they need it.

Click here to download Tozi now on the App Store and Google Play store.

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Available in:
  • Spain Flag
  • Portugal flag
  • Germany

TecSOS is an initiative that seeks to support victims of domestic abuse and other vulnerable people through provision of a specially adapted piece of technology that enables enhanced access to the police in an emergency.

TecSOS was initially developed by the Vodafone Spain Foundation in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross and the TecSOS Foundation. The programme is currently providing vital protection to victims of domestic violence in five countries: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

TecSOS is live in 

5 countries

100,000 +

users have benefitted from TecSOS across Europe

Easy Rescue

Available in:

Easy Rescue is an app designed to support women who have suffered violence and have personal safety concerns. Developed by Vodafone Turkey Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, key features include the My Seatmate add-on, which lets women share the route of their journey with chosen contacts and communicate with them with just one click. If the route changes, the contacts will receive an immediate notification. Users can also shake their phone to send an urgent SMS. Other features include a one-click call button to the emergency services, and a directory of information from Violence Prevention Centres.

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Gender Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC)

Available in:

The GBVCC is a 24/7 support service, connecting people affected by domestic violence and abuse to professional social workers that can provide counselling. If the user is in imminent danger, the social worker will use the geo-location feature to track the victim and inform the police. The command centre is accessed via a free emergency USSD code, to ensure that anyone without credit could still access help (a message is sent to the centre and a social worker will immediately call the person back). Skype is a recent addition, letting those with hearing impairments communicate in sign language.

3060 SMS Line

Available in:
  • Portugal flag

Vodafone Portugal Foundation launched a free of charge SMS Line - 3060 to allow safer, private, communication between domestic violence victims and national technical services.

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Nokaneng App

Available in:
  • Lesotho flag

The Nokaneng app informs users in Lesotho about the different forms of gender based violence, their rights and the available support services, as well as protection tools such as a sound alarm and emergency SMS. The app also provides a safe space for conversation, support and advice, including from counsellors linked to the Lapeng Centre – the government’s safe house and one-stop centre for survivors of gender based violence.

Nokeneng is a joint initiative between the Lesotho Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, GenderLinks Lesotho, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Intenationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Vodacom Lesotho and the Vodacom Lesotho Foundation. The app is free to use for anyone on the network – meaning you don’t need credit to access it.


Available in:

MyAmbar is an app designed to support victims of sexual violence. Developed by Vodafone Idea Limited, in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation and supported by UN Women and Sayfty Trust, the app helps victims understand and make informed choices about their situation. Alongside an Emergency SOS button, users can access informative content and take a self-risk assessment which will then guide them to appropriate recommendations of professional support.

Asset - No more

Looking for local support?

The NO MORE Global Directory is a comprehensive international directory of domestic violence and sexual assault resources in every UN-recognised country and territory in the world, created by the NO MORE Foundation in partnership with the United Nations and the World Bank to serve as a global hub of information and resources for survivors and their loved ones.

Latest News

A path to safety: Bright Sky expands reach to support those affected by domestic abuse

A path to safety: Bright Sky expands reach to support those affected by domestic abuse

Providing support and information to anyone concerned about domestic abuse, the Bright Sky app is now available in the United States.

Study finds millions may not recognise coercive control as Vodafone supports campaign to raise awareness

Study finds millions may not recognise coercive control as Vodafone supports campaign to raise awareness

Four-in-10 British adults (43%) say their understanding of coercive control is poor or non-existent, according to a new study commissioned by Vodafone and domestic abuse charity Hestia as part of a campaign to raise awareness and provide support to anyone affected.