4. Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the convergence of manufacturing and information & communications technology (ICT), underpinned by modern digital infrastructure. The result is more automation, higher productivity and a human workforce freed up for higher-value tasks.

Industry 4.0 solutions and technologically-efficient manufacturing gives Europe a chance to re-assert itself on the global stage.


Digitalisation and 5G make factory floors smarter, safer and greener.  It unlocks the Industry 4.0 revolution for a globally competitive Europe(from manufacturing to services and agriculture) – some examples shown at the showcase include:

  • Connected Engineer combines the immersive technology of Mixed Reality with ultra-low latency application to provide an engineer with real-time instructions.

  • Industrial Connect is a simple plug & play solution that can interface more than 5.000 different industrial devices allowing secure data collection.

  • RedBox enables setting up a mobile private network (MPN) with multi-access edge computing (MEC) – it can for AR / VR applications, robotics and smart factory settings.

We need a joined-up, long term industrial strategy that prioritises investment in digital infrastructure and solutions.

Building Network Resilience

We are building resilience for a stronger and united Europe in troubling times. We have over 800 employees working on protecting our networks. 

Our support for those caught up in this tragedy is coordinated by the Vodafone Foundation. Included in the showcase is a demo of our Instant Network which is being deployed to support Ukrainian refugees.  Our Instant Network technology and equipment helps them get connected, contact loved ones, access the internet and charge their phones.