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Revolutionising healthcare

At Vodafone, we support health and social care providers across the world to benefit from the new opportunities digital tools and better access to data can bring.

Now more than ever, digitalisation is seen as a key element of the future of healthcare services, helping to save lives by enabling more efficient use of resources, better training and 360-degree patient engagement.

From improving patient outcomes to delivering a better caregiver experience, we’re at the forefront of making this happen with innovative technology and super-fast connectivity.


Using IoT to support the IFEMA hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digitalising healthcare – the challenge

Around the world healthcare systems are struggling as demand increases and supply constraints rise.

By 2050 it is expected that 28.5% of the EU-27 populations will be over 65 and across Europe rates of obesity and diabetes have increased two-to-three fold in 30 years. Additionally there are supply constraints with a shortage of healthcare professionals and limited hospital beds.

COVID-19 has both accelerated progression in healthcare digitalisation and highlighted the need for a more structured approach to digital investment.

Now more than ever, digitalisation is seen as a key element of the future of healthcare services, helping to save lives by enabling more efficient use of resources, better training and 360-degree patient engagement. 

Vodafone’s connectivity services and platforms

The need for a fast response to the health crisis has accelerated the digitalisation of healthcare, which will also mean national healthcare systems will be in a better place to address the backlog that the COVID-19 crisis has created in a more cost efficient and faster way. Vodafone’s connectivity services and platforms include:

Connected (IoT) wearable or implanted devices to support out-of-hospital care, reducing costs of treating and monitoring issues with long-term chronic cases and post-acute treatments.

Large-scale device (IoT) connectivity within hospitals, enabling monitoring and optimal allocation of limited resources, such as beds, medical devices and even hospital staff.

Auxiliary robotics, which have the future potential to take care of non-patient-facing work in hospitals, such as cleaning and restocking, so that doctors and nurses can spend more time with patients.

AR and robotics to aid surgeries and remote expert support, increasing both the quality of care delivered through digital assists and access to healthcare outside of the most advanced hospital systems.

The Vodafone centre for Health in partnership with Deloitte

in October 2021, we launched the Vodafone Centre for Health in partnership with Deloitte, a new strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of connected healthcare. This virtual centre brings together our connected health solutions with Deloitte’s healthcare consulting experience to enable many more people to access healthcare. Working together, we are committed to using our networks and capabilities to improve access and quality of care worldwide, utilising our experience of developing new technologies like 5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence to make healthcare more accessible.

Our strategy in action

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Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to build a inclusive and sustainable digital society. Through our connectivity and digital innovations (SDG 9) and through our partnerships (SDG 17) we can accelerate and scale delivery across multiple SDGs.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Through our products and services, we are delivering greater empowerment and economic inclusion for our customers.

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Vodafone provides women with access to life-enhancing services which help to unlock socio-economic opportunities and help to address inequality. We also champion the inclusion of women in the workplace.

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Increased access to connectivity and our digital services – especially for women and those living in rural areas – through our network offers the possibility of greater equality of opportunity for economically disadvantaged people.

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