2. Digitalisation of Public Services

Digital government services play a major role in building greener, more inclusive and stronger societies.

Investment in digitalisation is vital to improving the public services that will drive post-pandemic recovery. This is particularly important for the fields of health and education, which sit at the heart of empowering and supporting citizens in order to build back a more inclusive society.

Governments must lead by example and adopt digital-first strategies to build stronger societies.

Innovative healthcare

We are working with partners to deliver innovative healthcare solutions. The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte brings together connected health solutions and digital transformation to improve access to healthcare and create better patient experiences.


5G has proved itself to be a powerful tool in the healthcare industry.

What could a hospital powered by 5G enable?


Working with Artiness at the IRCCS San Raffaele hospital in Milan, we’ve conducted a clinical trial to perform intrusive heart surgery using a remote proctoring system, powered by 5G.


Digital Education

Digital connectivity increases the quality and access to education of students in all countries. Leveraging the significant investments in education technology (we estimate 18-19 billion EUR across markets such as UK, Germany, Italy and Spain in the next 5 years) will enhance the digital learning experience, empower citizens with the right skills for the future, and reshape our economies and societies.

Vodafone is best equipped to digitally enable Europe’s education and training systems, to better prepare students and teachers for the digital future.