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Business magic becomes a reality with mobile private networks

27 Aug 2020
Marc Sauter

Marc Sauter

Head of Mobile Private Networks,
Vodafone Business

Businesses know what they need to do to be successful.

Our role is to make it possible, and easier, for them to get there.  This is what keeps me awake at night and it’s what drives me and my team.

Networks are powerful tools and the foundation of our business. It’s thanks to them that we are able to create ultra-efficient ecosystems for our customers. Ecosystems in which their business outcomes are at the centre of everything we design and build for them.

No technology makes this possible like a mobile private network (MPN).

Solutions, not products

Mobile private networks are not a product. They are a technology solution that enables an ultra-efficient ecosystem of possibilities.

A mobile private network, as the name suggests, is yours. It gives businesses total control of their operations by creating scaled down versions of the mobile networks that connect the world today.

If you want to manage, configure and harvest the real-time data required to make your factory or plant run smoothly and efficiently, there’s a good chance an MPN is what you need.

And I haven’t even talked about responsiveness yet.

A business that wants to be competitive today has to use data insights in real-time. This is not just important, but critical for many applications.

When it comes to manoeuvring heavy machinery on a factory floor full of people or performing remote medical operations, milliseconds matter. Combining multi-access edge computing (MEC) and a 5G mobile private network provides that immediate response.

Mobile private networks are also a catalyst for flexibility. Using wireless technology means no cabling, which makes changes to an assembly line much simpler and quicker to do, which improves delivery times to customers.

Image-5g private network

RedBox on demand

The MPN is not just for large businesses and complex projects. It’s also a great solution for medium-sized companies that want to future-proof themselves and take advantage of this technology. 

This prompted our team to look at how we could make it easier for customers of all sizes to access it. And that’s why, as part of their MPN (named “Campus network” locally) launch, our team in Germany introduced Vodafone Business RedBox.

RedBox combines our expertise of running mobile networks with Ericsson, who can build the equipment customers need onsite.

It’s packaged as an easy to install (red) box that contains a pre-configured MPN. There are four modules to choose from, for indoor or outdoor use, and it allows businesses to test some of the benefits a mobile private network can offer.

RedBox is designed for both large and medium-size deployments and it boasts a powerful engine that connects the 5G private network with local IT infrastructure and the national network. Using edge computing, sensitive data is processed on site rather than having to travel across the network to the cloud and back. 

Small 5G antennas bring 5G to every corner of a factory floor. And using a fully integrated management platform it allows a customer to have complete control of their own private network.

Speed, flexibility, adaptability, better access to data and quicker response times are some of the key characteristics of businesses that are ready for the future. And they also happen to be some of the key benefits of mobile private networks.

Using MPN and combining with MEC will set an organisation up to be future-ready, even in these uncertain times.

Find out more about mobile private networks here.

campus net benefits

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