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Asset - Our Impact

Our Impact

Thirty years of making a difference

Thirty years of giving

In 2021 Vodafone Foundation turns thirty. During this time, we have evolved our Foundations to harness the power of giving and connectivity to change lives, provide help to those who need it, and empower people to realise their potential. 

The Foundation was founded in 1991 with a simple mission to invest in the communities in which Vodafone operates. Today, we connect people and ideas with technology and funding, to help those already doing good work to achieve results faster, more cost effectively and with a bigger social impact.

Our goal for 2021 and for the next thirty years is to make every euro we donate, either directly or in-kind, work even harder than ever before. We want our legacy to be measured not just in terms of lives improved, but as an active and accountable partner that builds and scales sustainable, long-term solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.


refugee students accessing quality education through Instant Network Schools


reduction in maternal mortality through m-mama

1.8 million

supported through Apps Against Abuse

Achieving Greater Equality in Global Philanthropy

We have commissioned new research into the philanthropic evolution needed to better help African-led solutions to scale, in partnership with Vodafone Group PLC’s commercial arms in Africa, Vodacom and Safaricom. Through this investigation, our ambition is to better understand why local African CSOs find it harder to access global donor aid compared to intermediary international based NGOs, and find a fairer way forward for global philanthropy.

Asset - Instant School Girls

Lives improved

We invest in projects that produce meaningful change, at scale and with lasting impact.

241.4 million

lives improved since 2016

71.77 million

direct beneficiaries

169.64 million

indirect beneficiaries

How we measure our impact

We have an ambition to improve 300 million lives by 2025.

Allowing for the broad range of issues and initiatives we invest in, we track one measure of impact, Lives Improved, for all programmes run by Vodafone Foundation (UK registered charity 1193984) and affiliated local Vodafone, Vodacom and Safaricom Foundations. This data is collected in conjunction with detailed monitoring and evaluation of individual programmes.

The Lives Improved methodology was developed in collaboration with KPMG. To find out more about the methodology behind Lives Improved, download our guidance below.

Guidance note - Lives Improved methodology Oct 2018

Our work combining Vodafone’s charitable giving and technology to improve people’s lives spans a wide range of uses, including maternal health, domestic violence and refugee education – to name just a few.

The pie chart provides an overview of the issues we invest in and the proportion of Lives Improved accounted for by each.  

Our impact chart

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