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How we operate

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Our purpose is to connect for a better future

We are building digitally inclusive societies around the world, where everyone is able to access technology and its benefits. We are committed to sustainability – our business success should not come at the expense of the planet.

But equally important to our purpose commitments is our determination to ensure we are acting responsibly and with integrity wherever we operate.

What we do matters, but so does the way in which we do it.

We strive to ensure we are always acting lawfully, ethically and within integrity. We are committed to corporate transparency and building trust with our customers and stakeholders.


Our strategy

Our overarching goal is to improve our competitive advantage and returns across our global markets.

We are committed to improving trust and engagement with our customers, transforming our operating model and improving asset utilisation.

We are taking a responsible approach to sustainable business, governance, risk management, people and culture.

Our strategy exists to create value for society and shareholders through a clear focus on operational excellence and organic growth.

Public policy

We are contributing to the wealth and development of countries, regions and local communities across our markets around the world. We spark the development of digital services by others and help propel other businesses to be successful in their own digital transformation.

We work closely with partners in governments and international organisations to discuss key public policy issues around topics like spectrum, infrastructure, digital inclusion, security, sustainability and more.

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Vodafone buys products and services across all our markets. We work closely with our suppliers to provide innovative solutions in a sustainable and ethical environment.

We evaluate our suppliers on their commitments to diversity, inclusion and the environment when they tender for new work – ensuring all our suppliers are contributing to our purpose commitments.

Consumer privacy

Our customers trust us with their privacy and maintaining this trust is at the heart of everything we do.

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Cyber security

Our networks connect millions of people, homes, businesses and things to each other and the internet. The security of our networks, systems and customers is a top priority and a fundamental part of our purpose. Our customers use Vodafone products and services because of our next-generation connectivity, but also because they trust that their information is secure.

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