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Our global commitment to safety, health and wellbeing

Nothing is more important to us than the safety, health and wellbeing (SHW) of our customers, communities, employees, and partners.

We have a simple global commitment: no one gets hurt.

To do this we must:

• Champion safety across our industry to be a world-class operator, a good corporate citizen, and a great employer, learning from internal and external best practice.

• Ensure everyone at Vodafone takes ownership of identifying and controlling risks and has the authority to stop any activity that is unsafe. Simply, we work safe or we do not work.

• Create a culture of care through the Spirit of Vodafone, where everyone can be at their best, safely.

• Demonstrate visible leadership in this space, engaging teams, and find new ways to improve safety, health and wellbeing.

• Publicly reporting our performance on safety, health, and wellbeing and always complying with applicable laws, Vodafone policies and standards.

We must all play our part in ensuring no one gets hurt.

Together we can.

Margherita Della Valle

Margherita Della Valle, CEO

Our absolute rules

The Vodafone Absolute Rules focus on risks that present the greatest potential for harm for anyone working for or on behalf of Vodafone. The Absolute Rules are clear and help us to ensure the correct safe behaviours in high-risk activities in all of our businesses.

They remind us what we should ALWAYS do and what we should NEVER do.

ABR 8 - working in proximity of power

Workplace safety, health and wellbeing

Our approach

Our approach

We promote leading safety standards across our business, and insist on high standards of safety practices from all those who work for us or with us.

Our key risks

Our key risks

The Absolute Rules on safety focus on those risks – such as road risk and working at height or with electricity – that present the greatest potential harm for anyone working for us or on our behalf. They are underpinned by a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe behaviour.

Our data

Our data

To ensure everyone who works with or for us recognises the importance of safety rules, we monitor and report our safety performance. We want our own teams, our suppliers, our stakeholders and others in our industry to learn from the performance data we share.

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