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Vodafone Technology

Vodafone Technology is built on more than 35-years of innovation and technological breakthroughs. Since making the first mobile phone call on 1 January 1985, we have pioneered fixed and mobile technology, including building the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) platform - connecting everything from earthquake warning sensors and health monitors to traffic safety systems - and conducting the world’s first 5G holographic call.


Creating a gigabit society

Our goal is to create an inclusive gigabit society. One that is built on digital connectivity for all, offering very high speeds and highly responsive connectivity, ultra-dense coverage and the secure exchange of data. With enhanced connectivity and digital services come new social and economic benefits. 

Europe’s largest 5G network

In Europe, we have the largest 5G network, and we are the largest fixed broadband provider.


World-leading networks

Our partnerships and investment in superior cable, fibre, and mobile networks using 100% renewable energy also allow us to deliver a better, more consistent performance. 

By using new software-driven technology, our networks have the ability to self-heal, and we can quickly increase speed and capacity where needed. 

Our engineers have achieved speeds of 100 gigabits-per-second in tests of a new broadband network technology. But they also recognise that some people remain either unconnected or receive very low broadband speeds. 

We are pioneering a more programmable network built on open standards so that more people, more applications and more things can connect.

Innovation with 5G

Our software-driven networks also open up new areas of innovation. For example, we could offer a dedicated slice of 5G to a new hospital or business to support mission-critical applications. Our engineers have taken this theory to the skies and are testing safe flight paths for drones carrying medical supplies.

They are also putting new satellite-based precision positioning technology through its paces, with IoT to improve the safety of autonomous vehicles on roads, in factories, at airports, at dockyards and any other site where machines move.

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Innovation Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) with 5G

We are enabling developers to invent new applications that harness the power of our networks and edge computing. 

Vodafone is the first company in Europe to offer IT and cloud services from the edge of the network using distributed Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This brings customers and key applications much closer together. 

space astronaut

Vodafone and AST SpaceMobile

Our engineers are working with partners to launch the world’s first space mobile network, bringing connectivity to 1.6 billion people – rural connectivity from the edge of space.

Vodafone Technology – One Tech Team

At Vodafone Technology, the collective imagination of thousands of engineers and developers brings innovation to the market. We are one tech team comprising more than 30,000 people across multiple countries. We are on an exciting journey to build new products and platforms across Europe and Africa. 

Our engineers are teaming up with Big Tech, startups and academia to build the apps of the future. Just imagine apps streamed directly to your eyes and ears through new user interfaces such as virtual retinal displays and electronic contact lenses. 

Imagine keyboards that grow on any surface using nanotechnology, and smart stickers with years of battery life that keep track of your valuables. The technology of the future will do more with less, meaning fewer phones, fewer computers and less electronic waste. 

Imagine real-time analytics embedded in body sensors that can call for help, entertain you and coach you. Imagine smart ‘medical’ drones that sense and avoid crowds.   

We’re building a gigabit future above and below ground. Businesses will have their own ultra-low latency connections supported by digital customer care that predicts faults before they occur. We’re allowing a tech workforce, immersed in our inclusive culture, to invent the future. 

This is what we call Tech2025. This is Vodafone Technology


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We have taken a leadership role in global research and trials of 5G.



We have the largest NGN footprint in Europe.

Super Wifi

Super Wifi

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home.



Vodafone TV is our cloud-based entertainment service.



Vodafone is a global leader in providing IoT services.



Vodafone is developing winning partnerships with leading innovators.

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