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Vodafone TV


What is Vodafone Television (TV)?

We operate one of the biggest and most successful digital TV platforms in Europe, currently offering our cloud-based television platform in 10 markets across the continent.

Vodafone TV was the first internet video product to seamlessly blend different sources of content into a single platform, offering viewers an easy user experience and access to live TV, video on demand as well as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

Does Vodafone TV have smart features?

Vodafone TV offers smart features such as 4K streaming, intelligent voice search and smart replay of games.


What can I watch on Vodafone TV?

Vodafone TV provides our customers with the best-in-class content across film, sport and television.

We have partnerships with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video across our markets, as well as a new multi-year deal with Discovery, Inc. to offer their unique mixture of local and global original content with Discovery, Inc. to offer their unique mixture of local and global original content with discovery+.

Vodafone TV, with its unique cloud-based platform, offers viewers the chance to watch the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga and the Premier League as well as NFL, F1 and other major sporting events through various sporting packages available.

For those who prefer a different type of action, we have an extensive catalogue of films from Hollywood blockbusters to independent releases available on demand in many markets and as add on packages in others.

What can I watch on Vodafone TV
What can I watch on Vodafone TV

Where can I watch Vodafone TV?

Vodafone TV is currently available in:

Available in:
  • Germany flag
  • Italy flag
  • Spain flag
  • Ireland flag
  • Romania flag
  • Albanian flag
  • Greece flag
  • Turkey flag
  • Flag of the Czech Republic

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