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Broadband and Super WiFi


Vodafone Broadband and Super Wi-Fi

Today we have more than 27 million broadband customers connected to Europe’s largest network with 31.9 million across the continent having Gigabit capable connections.

Across our markets we offer cable, ADSL and fibre connections with average speeds of up to 1 Gbps. 

We also offer GigaCube in both Germany and the UK, a plug in and go option for those without a traditional or strong broadband connection at home.

Vodafone Broadband services are offered at a range of competitive price plans across our markets in Europe.

We offer our customers safe and secure broadband and wireless connectivity. We also offer virus and browser protection packages in all our markets so our customers can feel assured when using our network. 

What is Vodafone Super Wi-Fi?

Our homes are now more connected than ever, with internet-enabled devices becoming a greater part of our daily lives. In some homes, there may be Wi-Fi blackspots, which can result in limited coverage in particular rooms or areas of the premises.

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of a home, ensuring that our customers can stay connected at all times.

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi uses small Wi-Fi access points which work together with a home broadband router. This creates a smart and dynamic network which adjusts when needed to create the best possible connection for your home and connected devices. 

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi is currently available in Spain, UK and Italy