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Helping small businesses on their digital journey

15 Jun 2023Technology news
2 minute read

Driven by passion and determination, Funky Buddha designs and produces fashion products that have a distinctive flair.

Starting its journey in Athens, Funky Buddha has a desire to become one of Europe’s leading omnichannel retailers and we’re helping it realise its goals using our cloud network.

Becoming a cult fashion brand

Founded in 2003, the brand began selling t-shirts and cargo shorts. As the company quickly took off, the range was expanded and now it is a cult fashion brand for those who love to wear clothes inspired by values such as freedom, respect for the individual and the environment.

However, working in such a highly competitive, constantly changing market, the business needs to keep its finger on the pulse and technology can help.

Working together, we’re helping Funky Buddha transition to the cloud, giving it the capabilities and necessary tools to become smart and flexible, and to ensure the security of its data.

A better customer experience

Using cloud technology, the business can gain sight of customer demand in real-time, gathering data from more than 350 multi-brand points of sale in Greece and Cyprus on the most popular clothing lines and what stock levels are like. It also ensures that the website won’t crash during busy periods like seasonal sales or Christmas.

“Our move to the cloud was designed to help us become more agile, especially in peak periods. It worked perfectly during Black Friday and now supports us on a daily basis. We couldn't have done it without Vodafone, who worked closely with our IT department to develop the right solution for our specific needs,” said Nikolaos Alexiou, CEO of Funky Buddha.

As a result of working together, Funky Buddha has managed to optimise its internal IT processes and can now focus its attention on its customers and services. The productivity of the business has been improved, as well as its communication with customers and suppliers.

Encrypted backups also allow Funky Buddha to ensure the security of its data, while at the same time, it has the flexibility to adapt storage space as required, quickly and easily.

Preparing for a digital future

This isn’t the only small business we’ve supported with our cloud solutions. During the height of the pandemic, we helped premium Italian sportswear brand DEHA to manage a huge surge in visitors to its website, driven by a higher demand for leisurewear and a general increase in online shopping.

To meet these new demands, DEHA used cloud and data insights. This meant the business could deal with the increase in orders and process them quickly, as well as being able to see where demand was greatest. Listen to their story:


Using cloud and other technology solutions, we’re helping businesses of all sizes prepare for the digital world of tomorrow, delivering a range of new possibilities for automation, innovation and flexibility.

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