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Cloud and security services for your business

Accelerate your digital business with cloud

Digital transformation is all built on data. Whether you are trying to evolve your customer experience, bring products to market quicker or make people more productive - data is the oil that fuels digital change to help drive better business outcomes. We help our customers succeed in a digital world, unlocking the value of your data with cloud.

Integrate the right technologies to rapidly drive your ideas to outcomes

Cloud and security challenges

Utilising data in real-time, anywhere

Some of the biggest barriers to effective digital transformation are how to work in a faster, more collaborative and productive way – and this means getting the right data to people anytime, wherever they are.

Taking full advantage of cloud agility

Many businesses are still struggling to take full advantage of agility that cloud brings. Complex deployments into multiple environments can put a strain on people and skills, leading to business risk.

Moving applications into the cloud

One factor hindering cloud adoption in many enterprises are legacy application estates can be expensive and complex to maintain with limited integration with new technologies. Understanding what to move to the cloud, what not to and when can lead to big returns.

Ensuring cloud security

The move to cloud brings a myriad of cost and working efficiencies for busy IT teams, however the need to protect valuable data and ensure that it is not compromised is more important than ever.

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Why Vodafone?

We can deliver consistent hosted private cloud capabilities at global scale in 28 countries across 6 continents.

Global MPLS coverage in 84 countries, 218 cities and 298 Points of Presence.

Over 1 million kilometres of fibre network globally.