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Whether you’re a sole trader or business with up to 250 employees, keeping connected to your customers, employees and suppliers helps you to grow and thrive. Visit our local country sites to view the latest mobile phone plans, landline and business broadband deals. But that’s not all. We have solutions that can help you reach your customers, keep your employees safe and productive wherever they are and protecting your offices and assets.

You can boost your business online more easily than you think with our digital solutions

You can boost your business online more easily than you think

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Finding and keeping customers is an important part of all business’s goals. With the world changing at such quick pace and added unpredictability, businesses recognise adapting is critical to maintain relevance and grab customer attention.

Our business boosting packages give you everything you need to sell professionally and securely online.

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Introducing V-Hub by Vodafone Business

Introducing V-Hub by Vodafone Business

Your business is full of potential. To help you fulfil it, we’ve created V-Hub, packed with insights and guidance for small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

V-Hub provides digital business insight, one-to-one support and topical information – all in one place.

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Four customers, four countries, one story

SMEs are the beating heart of the economy. During 2020 we’ve all faced uncertainty and change.

Four customers, four countries, one story

We spoke to four of our customers - Gandys in the UK, Drees & Sommer in Germany, DEHA in Italy, and Corral & Vargas in Spain - about their experiences and the challenges they’ve faced. Listen to how they’ve stayed connected with their teams and with their customers, the unexpected things they’ve learnt, and how they’ve turned uncertainty into opportunity. We’re proud to support these businesses and many more.

Gandys: Staying connected in uncertain times


Paul and Rob Forkan lost their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. In their parent’s memory, they created Gandys, a travel-inspired fashion brand who are dedicated to doing good, by building kids’ campuses and giving back to underprivileged children around the world. Discover how they’ve kept connected with each other during these changing times.

Drees & Sommer: Keeping the conversation going

Drees & Sommer

For Drees & Sommer being prepared for change is critical. Listen to how this international consulting company who work in the building and real estate sector, set-up a smart home working system which included daily catch ups with the team. They’ve learnt positive things from this difficult situation, including that keeping in regular contact with each other is vital for their business.

Turning problems into possibilities: DEHA's COVID-19 success


DEHA produce sportswear for women. This year they’ve had to focus on e-commerce, and having a stable environment to exchange data has been critical. Watch to find out how they’ve turned a problem in to an opportunity, and created an even closer team environment along the way.

Corral & Vargas: Helping patients remotely in the new normal

Corral & Vargas

Corral & Vargas, a family run dental business, has had many challenges to face. Being able to keep in contact with patients remotely has been critical, and being able to do so in a secure and agile way has been vital. Listen to how they’ve adapted their business to be able to continue serving their patients at a very difficult time.

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