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We know business plays a vital role in building thriving communities and that it’s your passion and commitment to your business that makes all the difference. We’re here to help businesses like yours grow. Through digital opportunities we can help support your ambitions and make your business stand out.

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Explore V-Hub

Explore V-Hub

We stay on top of the latest tech trends and innovations to help you make the best decisions for your business. So why not take your business to the next level by speaking to one of our digital advice experts or brush up on your tech knowledge in our content hub.

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Already know what you need? We can support you with a range of accessible and affordable tech that can be applied to any business of any size, without disrupting your team or customers. Start turning your business opportunities into reality today.

You can boost your business online more easily than you think with our digital solutions

Discover how to boost your business

Discover how to boost your business

Finding and keeping customers is an important part of all business’s goals. With the world changing at such quick pace and added unpredictability, businesses recognise adapting is critical to maintain relevance and grab customer attention.

Our business boosting packages give you everything you need to sell professionally and securely online.

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We’ve worked with the EU and other partners to make tech as affordable and accessible as possible. We're also constantly updating our offers to suit your needs so you can spend less time worrying about how to pay for tech and more time using it.

SMEs are the beating heart of the economy. During 2020 we’ve all faced uncertainty and change.

Four customers, four countries, one story

We spoke to four of our customers - Gandys in the UK, Drees & Sommer in Germany, DEHA in Italy, and Corral & Vargas in Spain - about their experiences and the challenges they’ve faced. Listen to how they’ve stayed connected with their teams and with their customers, the unexpected things they’ve learnt, and how they’ve turned uncertainty into opportunity. We’re proud to support these businesses and many more.

Why Vodafone?

Vodafone Business offers the latest technology, inspiration and support you need to help your business and your community thrive.


We know that no two businesses are the same, each and every one has its own unique needs and challenges to overcome. We take the time to really understand how your business works, so we can offer you the best possible support you need to grow.


We can connect you to inspirational small and medium-sized businesses, allowing you to hear their stories firsthand, as well as giving you access to thought-provoking content from some of the best business leaders and experts out there.


We can help you overcome your business challenges by setting up knowledge sharing sessions for like-minded businesses. We constantly innovate and reshape our technology packages and solutions to fit your ever-evolving needs.

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