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Quizmas answers

21 Dec 2015Technology news
1 minute read

So, do you know your mobile tech from your wireless widgets, or were you left out in the wild without a signal? Check out the answers, tot up the score and see how well you did.

  1. IoT - Internet of Things
  2. 5G - 5G
  3. IP-VPN - Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
  4. MPLS - Multi-Protocol Lable Switching
  5. SDN - Software-Defined Networking
  6. VoLTE - Voice over Long-Term Evolution
  7. M2M - Machine-to-Machine
  8. Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi
  9. LPWA - Low Power Wide Area
  10. NB-IoT - Narrow Band Internet of Things
  11. MTX - Mobile Telephone Exchange
  12. NLOS - Non-Line-Of-Sight

So, how did you do? As we draw to the end of the year are your batteries flagging or are you still on full-power and ready to go? Find out your status, and see whether it's time to celebrate or plug yourself in for a recharge.

battery-1 0

Knowledge is power and you're at full capacity and have the skills to prove it. No one can touch you when it comes to getting the job done in fine style - nice work.

battery-2 0

You've discharged enough knowledge for a good score. While you're not performing at the peak of your skills, you've still got the chops to prove who's on top. Well done.

battery-3 0

Not bad, but we have a feeling you've switched off a few of your key functions in order to power through to the end of the year as you might be in need of a recharge. Good thing it's holiday time.

battery-4 0

You're flat out of juice and not matter what you try. 'Computer Says No'. We think it's time you considered a new battery as you're clearly showing signs of serious wear and tear. Better luck next time.

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