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Supporting small businesses to digitalise

SOHOs (small office/home office) and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) are the lifeblood of many communities, providing opportunities for socio-economic participation, as well as social mobility for women, young people and ethnic minorities.


Understanding the challenges facing MSMEs

Yet, MSMEs are less likely to use digital services than their larger counterparts. More than 1.2m European businesses with fewer than 250 employees are not yet digitalised.

To compete globally and be more resilient, these businesses need to access the digital opportunities of the future. This will provide an economic boost to the economies where these businesses operate, given that MSMEs contribute in excess of €4 trillion to the EU economy annually.


What we are doing

Through Vodafone Business, we provide products and services that are specifically tailored for MSME and, small-office home-office, (‘SOHO’) businesses, helping guide them through technology choices and improving their digital readiness. These segments also represent a significant commercial opportunity for Vodafone.

We estimate that the total addressable market for MSME and SOHO customers in our markets is €45 billion, and we currently have around [five million] MSME and SOHO customers.

Our initiatives


Supporting small businesses to thrive in a digital world

  • Tailored products and services through Vodafone Business
  • Free V-Hub service online connecting MSMEs across Europe and Africa with experts who provide one-to-one advice
  • Optional financing support for all MSMEs in our supply chain

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