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Vodafone UK have teamed up with No Isolation to distribute specially designed video units to elderly and isolated people so that they can stay connected to their families and friends during this essential period of enforced social distancing.

No Isolation’s KOMP units are tailor-made for people who have little or no experience using smartphones, computers or tablets. The one-button computer can connect to family members or carers through an app on their smart devices.

KOMPs are equipped with high-contrast screens and clear audio so that senior users who may have poor eyesight and hearing can still enjoy the device. The units also have the ability to receive photos, messages and video calls, which then appear in the photo stream on both the KOMPs and its’ app.

Vodafone has equipped these devices with free connectivity through mobile Wi-Fi units that have been gifted indefinitely, and SIM cards that offer free connectivity, both until the end of June.

Volunteers at Age UK and AbilityNet have assisted with the distribution and setting up of the devices so that they are ready to go at the touch of a button.

As the coronavirus situation evolves, social distancing and self-isolation for particularly vulnerable older people means that such communication devices could be a lifeline over the coming weeks and months.

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