Future job finder

Future Jobs Finder

Last year, we launched a free smartphone-based platform called Future Jobs Finder, designed to inspire and help young people understand their strengths and skills and find the right job opportunity in the digital economy.

Available in 12 languages, the platform identifies young people’s skills and interests through a series of short tests developed with psychologists, career experts and training providers. By responding to these questions, young people can better understand where their potential lies and find live local job opportunities in multiple digital industries that are matched to their skills.

If a user is not quite ready to apply, the Future Jobs Finder also offers the ability to match training needs to online digital skill providers and access specific courses, many of which are free (including edX, Coursera, Udacity, Cognitive Class, Udemy and the Khan Academy).

This year, we collaborated with Sony Pictures to use the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to introduce young people to the Future Jobs Finder service. A global digital campaign drew on the film’s central theme that anyone can achieve their full potential with the right skills and support. As part of the campaign, we ran a global competition asking young people to share their career superpower. Over 28,000 people entered the competition. The two winners were given the opportunity to visit and learn from the team who created the film and to discover how digital skills are applied in animation and film making.

Since launching in March 2018, 478,986 unique users have completed the tool (including 369,495 from this year), introducing each of them to the top five jobs that match their individual test results.