In 2021, the Board formally approved the establishment of a new Committee of the Board, the ESG Committee. The role of the Committee is to provide oversight of Vodafone’s Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) programme, to monitor the Purpose agenda in relation to Empowering People, Protecting the Planet and ensuring that Vodafone Maintains Trust..

Amparo Moraleda

Jean-François van Boxmeer
Christine Ramon
Simon Segars

Key responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • Provide oversight of the Vodafone Group ESG programme and monitor the Purpose agenda;
  • Review and provide guidance on the implementation of the ESG strategy, and related policies and programmes required to implement the ESG strategy;
  • Monitor progress against KPIs and external ESG indices; and
  • Provide joint oversight and effective governance with the Audit and Risk Committee (‘ARC’) over the ESG content within the Annual Report, the ESG Addendum and other disclosures with ESG