Materiality assessment

In order to identify material and emerging issues to be addressed by our company and in alignment with external and internal stakeholder expectations, we performed a materiality analysis using Datamaran: cloud-based software which supports a comprehensive data-driven process for monitoring external risks, including ESG. Datamaran offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and repetitional risks and opportunities. This helps to strengthen our understanding of ESG, geopolitical, technology and emerging issues.

Datamaran’s materiality analysis leverages artificial intelligence and external data to allow companies to identify their organisation’s material issues. The system gathers data across a series of key sources based on peer groups, jurisdictions, regulators, web sources, news and social media influencers. The assessment also included an employee survey to understand the views of internal stakeholders.

The results and further details on each of the issues analysed in the assessment are presented in the matrix below.

We are in the processes of conducting a double materiality assessment ('DMA') as required by the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ('CSRD'). Once completed, the results of the DMA are expected to drive our future strategic focus and non-financial reporting as set out in the CSRD.

Datamaran sourceStakeholderScope of analysis
BenchmarkPeersMost recently published sustainability and financial disclosures across our sector in the markets in which we operate
RegulationMandatory initiatives (public policy-makers) and voluntary initiatives (NGOs)Mandatory and voluntary regulatory initiatives applicable to companies across our sector in the markets in which we operate
News flowMediaInternational news articles related to non-financial issues within our sector in the markets in which we operate
SocialPublic opinionAny tweet related to non-financial issues