Chief Executive Foreword

Chief Executive Foreword

We seek to be a company whose global workforce reflects the customers we serve and the broader societies within which we operate. We believe our strong commitment to diversity is a source of strengthAt Vodafone we seek to be a company whose global workforce reflects the customers we serve and the broader societies within which we operate. We believe our strong commitment to diversity is a source of strength. Our long-term ambition is to become an employer with such a strong track record of attracting, retaining, and developing talented women that, by 2025, we will be widely recognised as the world’s best employer for women.

Achieving this ambition requires sustained effort and clear targets. Evidence suggests we are on the right path – women now hold over 30% of our management and leadership roles, an accomplishment which was achieved ahead of our 2020 goal.

We have subsequently set a new global goal for women to hold 40% of our management and leadership roles by 2030. This is already reflected at Board level, demonstrating our senior commitment towards this ambition. At an Executive Committee level, there have been three appointments since became Chief Executive, two of which have been women.

At Vodafone, women constitute 35% of our 16,000 strong UK workforce and this year our gender pay gap was calculated as10.9% (a decrease from our 2018 figure of 16.1%). This means that the average hourly pay for female employees in 2019 was lower than the average hourly pay for male employees. This is primarily a consequence of more men than women holding senior or specialist, and therefore higher -paid, roles. 

We are aware that the nature of the statutory calculation means the gap will fluctuate year on year, influenced by changes in our business structure and the percentage of men and women at all levels and positions. Notwithstanding this, through our commitment to embed diversity into our culture, we aim to reduce the gap over time.

We have a number of programmes and initiatives in place to meet our ambition to become the world’s best employer for women. These include global parental leave and flexible working policies, our ReConnect returner programme and an internal Women in Technology network. All of these initiatives aim to support the retention of women in our business and enable progression into more senior roles. We are also continually working to help our managers recognise unconscious bias in decision making, and tracking fair pay globally across all of our local markets to ensure we advance towards our goals and ambitions. Full details of our Fair Pay Principles can be found here.

We also recognise that gender imbalance across organisations reflects both external and internal factors, such as the under-representation of women working in STEM industries. To ensure we play a meaningful role in changing this, we run mentoring and work experience programmes to inspire young female students to recognise the range of STEM-related options available to them. This includes the #Codelikeagirl initiative, through which we have reached over 3,500 female students in he last 3 years. Vodafone believes that attracting girls to this area at a young age is critical in empowering their future choices.

We have made significant progress over the last five years with the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index recognising Vodafone as one of the top companies globally in leading the way towards more equal, inclusive workplaces, particularly focusing on our employer policies, company products and community engagement activities.

We are proud of the progress we are making but recognise there is more to be done. To stay up to date with our action in this area please do take the time to read about our initiatives, case studies, and key statistics which can be found here on our dedicated UK Gender Pay Gap webpage.