Code Like A Girl

Since first being launched in 2017, Vodafone’s Global Code Like a Girl programme has reached more than 5,000 girls in 23 markets.  

The programme aims to tackle low representation of girls in STEM education and to get more girls into careers that require coding skills, or to help them get a start as STEM entrepreneurs.  

All participants are taught introductory web development skills such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript and are given a task to design and develop a website. Each team then presents their creation to a panel of judges, other students on the programme, and Vodafone employees. 

In 2020 we moved to delivering the programme virtually, opening access to a wider audience. We received great feedback for our first virtual UK Code Like a Girl session in October 2021: 

Having the trainer led sessions and being able to code along was better than having a one-to-one lesson at school. It was more informative and easily understandable on what each code does.
I enjoyed seeing jobs that females in the tech industry had, I had not heard of the jobs before those sessions.
The theory parts were just the right amount of info and it was all relevant. The codealongs were really a helpful way of learning and were at a good pace. 

The below video showcases programme highlights from previous Code Like a Girl sessions held in the UK as well as interviews from UK attendees.