Rebuilding a greener, more sustainable digital Africa

As we begin heading towards the ‘new normal’, we have the opportunity to reshape stronger economies in Africa that put sustainability and digital transformation at the forefront of national recovery plans.

This means that all sectors of society including both the public and private sectors can and should work together to rebuild greener, more resilient economies in Africa. 

We understand that sustainability can and should be at the heart of the post-COVID recovery in Africa, which is why we we’ve pledged to improve the lives of a billion people while halving our environmental impact by 2025. 

It’s also why we invest in climate-smart, energy-efficient networks and solutions, develop water-wise practices for our operations, and minimise waste across our value chain.

We’re proud of the progress we have made in installing 950 solar powered sites, recycling 977 tons of e-waste and rejuvenating 367 tons of batteries across all our markets

At the same time, we know that powerful technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) can also help businesses and governments reduce their carbon footprint. 

Vodafone Business’s IoT Spotlight, which surveyed over 1,600 companies, found that IoT helped 88% of South African businesses meet their sustainability targets.

As the communities we serve begin to recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, we are more committed than ever to helping rebuild a greener, more sustainable digital future for Africa.