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Our commitments and goals

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The constant evolution of mobile technology can give rise to some public concern about the potential health effects of mobile devices and base stations, and about the siting of base stations in local communities.

We are committed to:

Actively collaborating with appropriate industry bodies as part of our responsibility to contribute relevant evidence to the understanding of mobile technology

Supporting open and fact-based debate on peer-reviewed published scientific evidence

Implementing best practice and complying with applicable laws in the countries where we operate

The health and safety of our employees, customers and the public

Vodafone base Station safety commitments goals

We refer to the current body of scientific evidence to ensure that the services and products we provide are within prescribed safety limits, and adhere to all relevant standards and national laws.

We closely monitor independent scientific research that is peer-reviewed and of the highest standard. We update the Group Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) leadership team where findings change the overall weight of scientific evidence.

Our policies and practices are monitored by our Group EMF leadership team, which meets quarterly.

Vodafone Governance and compliance

Governance and compliance

Our Group EMF leadership team includes experts from our technology, health and safety, and enterprise teams, as well as representatives from some of our local markets, who between them have many years of experience in the mobile industry. The leadership team sets Vodafone’s strategy on matters related to mobile technology and health and has oversight of compliance across our local operating businesses. The team meets four times a year and reports twice a year to the Group Executive Committee (ExCo) and the Vodafone Group Plc Board on developments in science, policy and compliance.

We conduct formal reviews of compliance with our Group EMF policy across all our local markets. This may involve identifying and implementing remedial actions to address areas of partial or non-compliance. In addition, two markets (one from Europe and one from the Africa region) are selected each year for an in-depth assessment of compliance, and findings are reported to the Group Audit and Risk Committee.

EMF leaders in each country in which we operate manage compliance with our Group EMF policy at a local level. We bring our EMF leaders together annually to highlight key international developments and share best practices.

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