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VOXI by Vodafone launches generative AI chatbot to enhance customer experience

19 Mar 2024Technology news
2 minute read

VOXI by Vodafone has launched a new large language model (LLM) generative AI chatbot in collaboration with Accenture.

The new chatbot will be able to engage in human-like interactions with customers and handle more sophisticated customer requests.

Accelerating our use of generative AI

Built in collaboration with Accenture, and powered by the ChatGPT framework, VOXI’s LLM generative AI chatbot has been developed as part of a wider initiative to accelerate generative AI technologies across both VOXI, Vodafone UK’s mobile offering for people aged 25 and under, and Vodafone.

With generative AI, a computer can generate content such as image, text or video that feels like you’re talking to an intelligent human being. One form of that, is large language models (LLM) which uses deep learning models and large amounts of data to understand and generate new content.

While Generative AI can go beyond text, LLMs are best suited for text-based tasks like understanding language and analysing or translating text.

Using this technology, we hope to improve the customer experience. No longer having to use key word search terms, customers will be able to ask the chatbot a question as if they were talking to a human customer care agent and receive more accurate, faster answers.

VOXI by Vodafone launches generative AI chatbot to enhance customer experience

And this is just the beginning.

Offering greater services to customers

Beverley Bartlett, Head of Digital Care at Vodafone Group, recently shared some of the work her team is doing with Vodafone’s chatbot TOBi across our European markets.

They are currently looking at how generative AI can improve scheduling appointments for customer installations and repairs, and how it can support the billing experience by helping answer how much a customer has paid and what offers are available to them.

For her, this technology not only brings more seamless experiences for customers, but also the potential for chatbots to become more fun to use by giving them personalities. In the right circumstances, they could even be brought into physical spaces, such as retail spaces or hotels to help customers navigate their way around.

It’s important to always consider the customer benefit first which is why VOXI’s new chatbot will initially be made available to only a small number of customers. This will help ensure any issues are quickly identified and resolved before it is released to all remaining customers.

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