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Artificial Intelligence

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We are living in a world with intelligent machines

We are living in a world with intelligent machines and software agents which can understand and assist us better. Developing this technology and understanding what it could mean for both our business operations and our customers is something we’re passionate about exploring.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on the development of smart machines or technologies that are capable of performing tasks that normally require a human brain. AI is already starting to touch elements of everyday life – common use cases would include voice-activated mobile or home assistants which can respond to queries in real-time.

AI is often also considered as a pot of mechanisms for solving complex problems that have, so far, remained unsolved. For example, fast search algorithms were in the past considered part of AI. AI is therefore by its definition an ongoing, ever-changing field – there will always be new challenges to solve.

How is Vodafone working with AI?

AI supports our network maintenance and performance

We are using AI to power applications that help us operate our networks smartly, or optimise them across markets. For example:

  • AI can help us spot anomalies in our radio networks, or detect radio interference and determine where it is coming from
  • AI can help us predict future problems with equipment, enabling us to act faster and carry out preventative maintenance
  • AI can help predict changes in network traffic, allowing us to ensure we can meet demand and continue providing a great user experience for our customers
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AI helps keep our customers and businesses secure

AI technology sits at the heart of various security technologies produced by Vodafone, while also assisting our teams in areas such as fraud detection.

AI helps us engage with our customers and manage enquiries

TOBi, Vodafone’s virtual customer assistant, is a good example of how we’re using AI technology to help improve our customer experience across our markets. TOBi offers 24/7 customer support and uses AI to help answer customer queries in a matter of seconds, enabling our customer call teams to focus on supporting customers with more complicated needs or requests.

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Is Vodafone’s AI work ethical?

We are committed to ensuring our approach to working with AI technologies and the applications we create are responsible, respectful of data privacy and security, and able to make AI-driven decisions which are fair and free of any harmful bias.

All our work in the AI space is guided by Vodafone Group’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework.

View our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework

What is the future of AI at Vodafone?

We are developing new AI technologies and innovations to support our business activity and customers in a range of areas.

For example, AI innovations could play an active role in reducing our carbon footprint by supporting intelligent energy saving in operational networks and datacentres, or within new hardware and chipsets that operate more efficiently than current systems.

Collaboration opportunities with Vodafone and AI

Our Innovation teams are always looking for start-ups and bright-minds in the AI space to collaborate with on new projects.

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