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Vodafone Business and Extreme E complete successful test of wildfire prevention technology

21 May 2024Technology news
2 minute read

New technology aiming to protect forests and people against wildfires has been successfully tested in Sardinia, Italy.

The technology uses advanced sensors capable of detecting heat, smoke, gas and changing humidity levels, combined with Vodafone Business’ Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to detect early signs of a wildfire and alert emergency services with its location – before it gets out of control.

Amanda Jobbins, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone Business, said: “This technological breakthrough is just one of many examples that show how digital services can help protect against the impacts of climate change. The next challenge is delivering these solutions at scale. This can only be achieved through more collaboration between governments and industry.”

In a simulation carried out in April this year by Vodafone Business and Extreme E – the all-electric motorsport highlighting the impacts of climate change – sensors placed at strategic locations throughout the Santu Lussurgiu Forest successfully recognised the warning signs of a wildfire and sent out a series of alerts, all autonomously and within just a few minutes.

The devices are also connected to a Tree Growth Monitor sensor developed by Vodafone Business, to provide even more precise data.


The successful tests build on a longer-term project between Vodafone Business and Extreme E

The project builds on a wider, long-standing partnership between Vodafone Business and Extreme E to promote action against climate change worldwide. As Extreme E’s official technology communications partner, Vodafone Business helps them to deliver a thrilling and safe racing experience, as well as create a positive environmental impact through technologies such as 5G, Mobile Private Networks (MPN) and IoT.

Vodafone Business and Extreme E complete successful test of wildfire prevention technology

Sardinia regularly plays host to Extreme E races, which works to raise awareness of climate change and the impacts in some of the world’s most remote places

Also involved in the project were the Mediterranean Sea and Coast (MEDSEA) Foundation, wildfire technology specialists Dryad, which developed the fire detection sensors, and Sardinia’s regional civil protection unit, which is also testing how the system can be combined with drones to cover broader spaces.

Sardinia was severely affected by wildfires in summer 2021, destroying around 50,000 acres of forest and forcing more than 1,000 people to be evacuated from their homes. Together, the organisations hope technology can be used to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The fire prevention project follows some of the work already done by Vodafone Business and Extreme E, such as the development of a Hydrosense system to help protect Scottish salmon.

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