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Transforming plant operations with a 5G Mobile Private Network

18 Oct 2023Technology news
2 minute read

Together with Snam, Europe's leader in natural gas, we’re working to create the first hybrid 5G mobile private network (MPN) in the national energy sector, bringing more reliable and secure connectivity to 23 of its plants.

Heating and lighting millions of houses across the country, Snam is on a mission to guarantee stable and safe supplies of sustainable energy, innovating to help accelerate energy transition in Italy.

What is a hybrid mobile private network?

The hybrid infrastructure will improve 4G and 5G coverage both for the local population via the public network and for Snam personnel inside the plants.

This is thanks to the creation of a dedicated network, not to mention the guarantee of the highest security standards when it comes to data.

Speeding up innovation

Providing dedicated coverage to 23 of the energy giant’s national plants, 5G technology will make it possible to connect a great number of devices per square kilometre at the same time and will enable innovative services and solutions.

Such services could include field sensors such as leak detectors and other meters that can collect large quantities of local data, anti-intrusion security sensors and perimeter verification, applications for logistics and vehicle management, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions for technician training and remote assistance.

The network architecture that Vodafone Business is creating for Snam is engineered to guarantee high reliability in the transmission of data collected in the individual plants.

Working even when the MPN isn’t available, using the public mobile network, the business can take advantage of our coverage nationwide, bringing flexibility for its employees and applications anytime and anywhere.

Building a sustainable future

Working with energy leaders like Snam we can support the evolution of Italy’s energy sector.

With 80 years of experience in the development and management of networks and plants, Snam guarantees the security of supplies and promotes energy transition through investments in green gases (biomethane and hydrogen) and energy efficiency.

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