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Augmented and virtual reality

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Preparing for the future

Blurring the lines between virtual and reality may sound out of this world, but it’s not all sci-fi. There are already some very real and practical applications for these technologies, and we think there’s enormous potential for more.

Here we help break down what the technologies are and how they can be applied in digital societies of the future.

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What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is what we use to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated experience which can be interacted with and explored – most commonly through a VR headset. These headsets are often connected to a mobile, computer or entertainment device and can be used for a variety of applications such as immersive gaming or 3D training simulations.

What is Augmented Reality (AR) - what is the difference between AR and VR?

Where VR creates an entirely new 3D environment usually experienced through a headset, augmented reality (AR) is a way of enhancing the real world around you through digital elements that you can see, hear or feel through a technological device such as a smartphone.

One common example of AR would be the animated filters commonly associated with video calls or messaging apps – filters that change the way you look or the way your voice sounds. AR is also becoming more prominent in mobile gaming and entertainment.

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How is Vodafone working with AR and VR?

Vodafone collaborates with VR and AR providers across our markets to offer customers new experiences through smartphones in gaming, apps, entertainment and more.

A recent partnership between Vodafone Germany and Nreal, the augmented and mixed reality glasses provider, brought an augmented reality cooking experience to kitchens across the country.

Our global Innovation teams are always looking to work with start-ups and innovators operating in the AR and VR space who can bring new opportunities for Vodafone customers around the world.

Got an idea for working with AR and VR?

Our Innovation teams are always looking for start-ups and bright-minds in the AR & VR space to collaborate with on new projects.

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