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The Vodafone 5G DIG Top 100

At Group Innovation, we are passionately committed to accelerating Vodafone’s journey to become a truly digital telco. This means being innovation hungry, open to experimenting and taking risks, and embracing collaborations with trail-blazing start-ups.

The Vodafone 5G Dig is a global quest to find the latest and greatest start-ups, which offer partnership potential and help us respond to live business challenges providing real use cases for 5G. We spoke to senior leaders across Vodafone and identified five key verticals (Gaming, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Automotive and Smart Cities & Industry 4.0) to unearth the hottest topics, discover key pain points and uncover areas ripe for innovation.

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Armed with this information, we then set out to find the world’s best entrepreneurs at the point where they have proven tech, are ready to scale and will help us get to the future faster. We identified 100 pioneering start-ups with solutions that can respond to our needs.

Furthermore, we whittled down the Top 100 to a rock star list of Top 20 start-ups that we believe have the potential to transform Vodafone. The Top 20 list was selected with the help of an expert panel of Vodafone senior leaders, who chose the top 4 start-ups per vertical using set scoring criteria. We hope these start-up profiles will inspire you with the art of the possible.

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