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New Vodafone Italy TV advert made entirely from home

Vodafone Italy has launched a new TV advertising spot made entirely from home by directors, professionals and families connected using Vodafone’s Giga network.

The collective project tells the importance of connectivity through the strapline “Even when we can’t be close, we can be together”. The spot has gone live on Italy’s main TV stations and across digital and social channels, encouraging donations in support of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) in the fight against Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus emergency has made connectivity more important than ever, allowing us to ‘transform’ our homes virtually into schools, offices, gyms, music rehearsal rooms and places to meet and stay close online. Homes have also become the set for the new Vodafone advert, conceived by Utopia and produced by Akita Film. For the making of the film, no actor, director or producer left their home. Instead, all the work was coordinated remotely thanks to the Vodafone network: casting, styling, shooting, editing and post-production.

The best Italian advertising directors were enlisted for the project, filming scenes in their homes and also enlisting the help of family members. They also remotely directed the families of many Vodafone customers from different Italian cities using smartphones, webcams and cameras.

The creative underlines the message of the campaign - thanks to Vodafone's Giga Network, we can be together even if we cannot stay close. The advert is soundtracked by Come Together, which accentuates the different ways that people can be together even at a distance – whether studying, working, training, playing or making music.


Vodafone is using the commercial spot to launch a donation campaign in support of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) in the fight against Coronavirus. From 24 March until 13 April, Vodafone customers can donate €2 by sending an SMS or donate €5 or €10 euros by calling a landline number. The funds raised for the Italian Red Cross will be donated toward CRI activities across Italy. The campaign airs on the main television stations (in the 45 "and 30" formats), in the press, on digital and social media.

Vodafone wishes to thank all the directors, professionals and families who made the project possible: Tommaso Bertè, Matteo Bonifazio, Paolo Borgato, Diamante Cavalli, Davide Crippa, Marco De Aguilar, Leandro Ferrao, Maria Guidone, Danae Mauro, Fabrizio Notari, Ago Panini, Cinzia Pedrizzetti, Samuele Romano and Carlo Sigon.

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