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Vodafone Procurement Company

Vodafone Procurement Company shapes and implements future-proof procurement with digital and pioneering procurement practices, connecting procurement and technology experts worldwide.

VPC is Vodafone’s procurement company, leading purchasing and supplier management for Vodafone as a whole. Based in Luxembourg, VPC was founded in 2008 and manages most of Vodafone’s spending with suppliers worldwide. VPC supports the needs of Vodafone’s operating companies and group functions, and sells procurement services to third parties.

Today we manage a spend of more than €24bn across Vodafone’s operating companies, partner markets, joint ventures and other customers. VPC’s team operates in four main categories: IT, Networks, Commercial & Services and Devices, in which we leverage scale and hands-on expertise.

Our vision is to create the future of procurement with digital and pioneering practices, connected to experts worldwide.

Procurement with purpose

Vodafone’s purpose to connect for a better future by enabling inclusive and sustainable digital societies.”

A supplier’s ‘purpose’ accounts for 20% of the evaluation criteria for a ‘Request For Quotation’ (RFQ) to provide Vodafone with products or services. Suppliers will be assessed on their commitment and performance to diversity and inclusion, the environment and health and safety in categories where it is a risk.

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Procurement advisory chart

A true partner empowering you with the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions.

What if you had a true partner empowering you with the knowledge to take informed decisions?

Knowledge is power. We share category insights and offer Vodafone-led strategy coaching, consultancy or end-to-end sourcing execution to deliver Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimisation. Access skills and expertise at our central procurement company and network of experts worldwide.

Why Vodafone Procurement Company?

Over 1000 experts across our markets
One centralised company managing a spend of over €24bn


Design-to-Cost tear-down lab Tomorrow Street Innovation centre Purpose-led procurement


Digitalised end-to-end processes with a state-of-the-art real-time SCM control centre


Trusted partner since 2013 Award winning procurement practice


Supplier Collaboration & Innovation Award 2022
Procurement Power List 2022
Integration & Resilience Award 2021
Procurement Power List 2021
Excellence in Procurement Awards 2021
CPO Honors 2021
Hackett Digital Award 2021
Stonewall Top 100 employer 2020
Transformation Journey (D2C) - 2019
Innovation award (Tomorrow Street) – 2019
Transforming external partnerships – 2019

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Working with us as a supplier


The Procurement Company enables Vodafone’s global supplier strategy as is responsible to find, involve and partner with best-in-class supplier to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that can fully meet the needs of the business and strengthen Vodafone’s market position.

Trust your supplier

Vodafone is transitioning globally to Trust Your Supplier, a Blockchain-based consortium for supplier information management. This solution is expected to become a global standard that scales rapidly across industries.
Trusted profile supplier can selectively share information and collaborate in an accelerated way with the Procurement organization.

If you have any questions about Vodafone’s use of Trust Your Supplier, please reach out to us.

For information about working with Vodafone, supplier management, supply chain and much more, please refer to our global site.

Tomorrow street

Tomorrow Street is an innovation centre that accelerates leading edge technology through scaling late-stage startups.

Tomorrow Street is an innovation centre that accelerates leading edge technology through scaling late-stage startups.

We are a joint venture between Vodafone and Luxembourg's national incubator, Technoport. Our innovation centre hosts and supports the next generation of strategic suppliers to Vodafone, and is a technology hub that attracts entrepreneurs and talent to the fast growing tech sector in Luxembourg.