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Vodafone is committed to helping create a fair and inclusive digital society for all Europeans.

Connectivity is now woven into all our lives, an essential thread in the fabric of society; it enables us to work, find a job, see and speak with loved ones, learn new skills, develop new ideas and bring them to life, or simply find information. And importantly, it also allows us to have access to vital public services such as health and education. All of this can only be made possible by:

  • Ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances or location, has the infrastructure and networks to connect.
  • Enabling and empowering people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take part in the digital world; trusting that they are safe, that their information is secure and their privacy protected.

At Vodafone we are making a difference by delivering essential connectivity and digital solutions to people and communities. During the recent crisis we enabled people to work from home through our network and digital solutions. From offering 50% discounts on data packs, to providing fast fibre networks to rural communities, we make sure that people can stay connected to their workplaces, families and friends. We have also supported remote learning and education across our markets and, through our Vodafone Foundation, ad-hoc donations and employee volunteering, we have further increased our community support.

To kickstart the recovery from the economic and unemployment crisis, Europe needs to close its social and economic divides and foster inclusion. We are working hard to enable economic growth by accelerating the adoption of the digital solutions that citizens need.

We believe we can strengthen our society by ensuring accessible digital solutions are available to everyone.

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Providing vital connectivity for the elderly through ALONE

Providing vital connectivity for the elderly through ALONE

Much like the rest of the world, Ireland faces a period of uncertainty whereby mobile and broadband connectivity is critical to remote working and keeping friends and family connected.

700 phones, 550 tablets and 1,000 SIM cards donated to hospitals and first aid centres across Italy

700 phones, 550 tablets and 1,000 SIM cards donated to hospitals and first aid centres across Italy

The whole of Italy felt the impact of the Coronavirus. However, the country leapt into action, putting significant preventative measures in place.

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