New Covid-19 version of LifeSaver app monitors public health and well-being

The Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service have added a ‘Coronavirus Information’ button to their LifeSaver app. The app provides members of the public with the latest news on the pandemic, directly from the Hungarian Government’s official Coronavirus information site.

The app now delivers push notifications, keeping users up-to-date with important developments, even when they’re not using it directly – and the Hungarian National Ambulance Service has recommended that everyone should use this feature so they can send alerts and messages to all users.

Initially launched at the beginning of 2020, the LifeSaver app also shows nearby pharmacies, hospitals, on-duty doctors and defibrillators, as well as first aid guides – and allows users to store vital health data.

This lifesaving app has been downloaded by more than 450,000 users since January, and delivered medical care to 680 people – with key functionality making it faster and easier to call for an ambulance for those in trouble.