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Let’s connect rural communities

We have the opportunity to sustainably boost the development of rural communities across Europe.

We know that access to digital infrastructure can help citizens to improve their livelihoods, enable businesses to flourish, make society more resilient and transform the way we live. This is because economic growth and social well-being hinge so much on fast, reliable connectivity.

Hence, for rural economies, next-generation networks are critical for creating new jobs, enabling flexible working, improving the productivity of agriculture, and enhancing local public services.

Our vision for rural.connected

15% of the EU’s population live in predominantly rural areas and almost half of all homes in rural or remote areas have no access to fast broadband, leading to a significant urban/rural digital divide.

Inadequate broadband coverage means that rural communities do not have the infrastructure needed to access digital services.

If this digital divide is left unaddressed, it will only widen further. As a result, people in remote areas will risk being left behind in an increasingly digitised world.

At Vodafone, we believe connectivity and digital services play a central role in supporting rural communities to remain vibrant and realise their economic and social potential.

As part of our Social Contract, we are committed to supporting rural connectivity.

Policy reports

Rural Connectivity Report

Enhancing the lives and prospects of those living in rural areas has long been the vision of EU and national governments. Access to digital infrastructure and fast, reliable connectivity is vital for people to improve their livelihoods and for businesses to flourish in rural communities across Europe. And looking to the future, next-generation networks will create new jobs in rural economies, improve agricultural productivity and enhance local public services.

Produced by Deloitte and commissioned by Vodafone, this report is a helpful tool for governments and policymakers to assess the socio-economic benefits of enhanced rural connectivity and the policy options and reforms needed to improve digital connectivity, with valuable examples of how this can be achieved.

Rural Connectivity Report

Future of Connectivity

Europe has a problem. The way we fund internet infrastructure upgrades is broken. Industries and government must come together and find a way to fix it.


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